Thursday, December 31, 2009


Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this age! 18 months is SO MUCH FUN! AJ is really at the age where I know he understands much of what I say and we can even have these mini converations :) So fun! He can, at times, tell me what he wants or doesn't want which is so helpful. He's picking up new words every day. I'm trying to get him to say I....LOVE...YOU! He can say it (sorta) if he listens to me word for word. Well, I like to think he is learning it :)

Today, I taught him butterfly and eskimo kisses. He laughs and laughs when we do it. He's a blast!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dare Devil

Here's a new video from tonight. AJ's not afraid to take some risks, that's for sure! Oh, and here's a new dance :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fire Truck

We all know that AJ is obsessed with trains, but fire trucks are a close second. When we go to my moms house, we pass a fire station and he makes the fire truck sound EVERY single time. He's also got a few fire trucks at home that he likes to play with.

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and there was a huge fire truck sitting outside the store. I guess they were loading up on groceries too. So, AJ and I walked over to the truck- I just wanted him to see it up close. Well, there was the nicest fireman there who came up to us and started talking to us. Out of the blue, he asked if AJ wanted to see the tools on the truck and he opened the passenger side door and offered for AJ to sit in the truck. I couldn't believe it! What a nice guy!

I tried to put AJ in the seat, but he got scared so he just looked around for a bit. He stared at the fireman for a while and seemed really interested in what he had to say.

We're so lucky to live in this town with such amazing people!

No No No No

AJ's really been learning a lot lately. He has started to mimic me more and more. Not always a good thing!

I didn't realize that I did this, but when AJ does something he's not allowed to do, I say "no, no, no, no". Guess who runs around the house all day saying that???

The way he says it, it sounds like, "none, none, none, none".... What have I done! :)

He has also learned to say "Uh uh" (meaning no) and "Uh huh" (meaning yes) when I ask him something. I do think he knows the difference, but I also think he likes to say Uh uh, more!

Best of all...... He has FINALLY learned to say PLEASE!!!!!!!! He learned it at my moms house on Christmas eve. I wish we could have videoed this because my mom and I were making SUCH a big deal out of him saying it- so that he would continue to say it more and know that it's a good thing to say. It sounds like "PEEE" but it does the trick. I am THRILLED!

Christmas 2009!

Where do I even begin??!! This Christmas season has been CRAZY busy and exhausting, but most of all FUN!!!!!!!!

My dad and Cory flew in on Tuesday and were welcomed by FREEZING temperatures and a few inches of snow. We were so happy to have a white Christmas, but sadly, the cold put a damper on some of our plans.

On Wednesday, I had planned for us to all go to the North Pole about an hour away, but since it is outside and the high that day was 12, we decided to skip it. We ended up trying out the Wildlife Experience in Denver which was fun, but AJ is a few years too young for it. He did enjoy seeing all the animals and running around, but was more fascinated by the snow blower outside the building than anything.

On Thursday, Pop & Grammy Cory got to experience Little Monkey Bizness. AJ got to run around and play with other kids and play on all the toys there while we watched. Pop & Grammy were amazed at how much AJ has changed in the past 3 months. He was running around all week saying "Pop! Pop!" So cute!

Then, that night we all went over to my mom and Dave's for Christmas Eve dinner. I feel SO incredibly lucky that although my parents are divorced and remarried, they get along and are willing to spend the holidays together. I can't tell you how much easier this is on me and how comfortable it is.

So, my Mom cooked up this WONDERFUL meal; prime rib, corn, salad and all the fixins. YUMMY! We enjoyed the meal together and then it was time to get AJ to bed because SANTA was coming!!!

On Christmas, AJ woke up early (you'd have thought he actually KNEW Santa was coming??!!) and I made breakfast and we started opening presents. We opened..and opened...and opened...and opened....For THREE hours we opened presents! Somewhere in there my Mom & Dave come over so we could exchange with them as well. My house looked (and still does look) like a bomb of presents went off! AJ's pile of presents was ridiculous! He got SO many wonderful gifts! The gift of the year though was the TRAIN. He got FIVE trains for Christmas- all different ones. Santa got him this awesome ride on train (see video below), Grandpa Dave got him this beautiful wood train, Pop & Grammy got him this awesome small wood train, Grandma got him a ride on Vtech train and then I got him some train bath toys. It was CHOOO CHOOO allllll day long!

AJ also got some other amazing gifts. Oma and Papa got him this wonderful Vtech giraffe that is a stationary bike. When he rides it, it talks to him and teaches him letters and colors among other things. He LOVES it! In fact, yesterday I heard him on it and he started trying to say some letters.

We had a really amazing Christmas this year. It was so nice to be with family and to all be able to watch AJ enjoy the season. He learned to open presents and I felt like he really appreciated each thing he opened (As much as he could).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Videos

Christmas Eve

Playing with his train

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Pop & Grammy Cory came out to visit and spend Christmas with us. We're having a great time and they are enjoying a very white Christmas!

Here are a few pictures:

Reading a book with Pop

These pictures are from my moms house- she's had Santa and Mrs. Claus since I was a kid and now AJ loves them! He was kissing them, giving them hugs and talking to them.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Videos with Santa

Visiting with Santa

Dancing to Santa's music

Party Party Party!

It has been QUITE the holiday season. We've been to more parties this year than I think we've ever been to. It's been such a fun time, but we are all exhausted!

Yesterday, my mom and Dave had one of the best parties of the year. It was amazing! She invited a lot of my friends and their kids and some of her new friends and neighbors along with this special guy:

All the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and Santa gave them each gifts especially for them. Then, Mrs. Claus read them a story, and to top it off, Santa even played some music and they all sang songs together. It was REALLY special and such a fun day!

AJ wasn't too sure of Santa- not surprising considering how our first visit was this year, but he did enjoy playing with his friends, dancing to the music and watching Santa from afar. Here are some pictures:

Watching Santa with Grandpa Dave

Not such a fan of Santa this year...

All the kids listening to Mrs. Claus read Polar Express

He did give Santa a High Five!

AJ and his buddy Dax checking out Santa (and probably teething)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broken Record

Here's just a small sampling of what I say, over and over....all day long:

"AJ, please sit down. AJ, sit down. AJ, I don't want to tell you again, you have to sit down".

"AJ, be gentle. Don't hurt Buster. Please be gentle. Gentle, Gentle AJ. Go give Buster hugs and kisses and tell him you're sorry"

"We don't hit Mommy. That hurts Mommy. Be Gentle"

"Honey, do you want a bite (insert any type of food)?"

"Please be careful honey".

"Can I have a hug and a kiss?"

"AJ, honey, I love you" to which he replies "MUAH!" :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Group" Christmas Party

For the past few years our "group" of friends has had a Christmas party in December. One family hosts the party- with kids- and we do a kids gift exchange. Last year we started an ornament exchange with the women and a beer exchange for the men. We always have a GREAT time and each year it gets more and more fun! This year, Kris & Joy offered to host. For me, it was awesome because AJ is old enough now to be totally entertained by all the older kids and they still really enjoy playing with him. He loves to play Barbie with the girls and has learned to play Star Wars with the boys. Here are a few pictures:

The Dads with their Boys
THE GROUP! (Jason, Kate AJ, Kris, Joy, Joel, Holly, Domenic, Riley, Ashlyn, Maddy, Joseph, Samantha, Kellyn, Heather & Braylon)

The Girls

Holly & AJ

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Is It With Boys????

This is a good video, but I have to say that it was SO MUCH BETTER in person! He is SUCH A BOY!!!

Christmas Pictures

Here are a few of our Christmas pictures that we had taken. We had 2 sessions because the first time, AJ wasn't into it. It was just TOO cold! Turns out, it was super cold the 2nd time around too, but our photographer got some great shots anyway! These are some of my favorites, but our ACTUAL Christmas card photo isn't on the blog....yet....You'll have to wait until you get our card :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It Was Bound To Happen At Some Point

AJ threw himself out of his crib today... happened. I watched it. I had put him down for his nap and was watching him on our video monitor. For a few minutes, he was just laying there- I thought he was pretty close to being asleep. Then, he got up and was jumping around, talking and playing and then.... I saw it.... He flopped right out and onto the ground. I didn't see exactly how he landed, but when I RAN into his room he was obviously crying and had a bloody nose. Poor boy! He's never even TRIED to do this before (that I am aware of).

Needless to say, we lowered the crib as low as it can go, and he can't get out now (then again, I didn't actually think he could get out before, so who knows!)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Here's AJ's new trick. He can click with his mouth. All the sudden, he just started doing it. It's cute:)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Train

We saw this train at Home Depot yesterday and decided we HAD to get it for AJ. He's SOOO into trains right now. He just loves the Choo Choo! It's a great little train that will eventually go around our Christmas tree- once we get one. Until then, we set it up in our living room and as you can see, AJ loves to use the remote control to make it go forwards, backwards and to play the music. Here's a little video; please forgive my morning hair!


How cute are these guys??? This was taken a few weeks back at Cameron's moms house. We all had a play date and they had so much fun! (The moms did too!) AJ and Garrett play with each other a lot- and go to the rec center child care a few times a week together. AJ and Cameron play at least once a week at Miss Jamie's house. They have been known to be called "Double Trouble".

AJ, Garrett and Cameron- all 16 months

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a GREAT day!

This year, I decided to run the Castle Rock Turkey Trot- a 5k- which was super fun! I've been running a lot lately, but only on the treadmill. Running outside was certainly more challenging, but it was fun! The best part was seeing my guys at the finish line :)

After the race, we went home and AJ napped while Jason did some work on his car and I did NOTHING- ahhh, that was nice :)

Then, around 2, we headed to my Mom & Dave's for a FEAST! It was a WONDERFUL time! Our friends Joy & Kris and their kids Maddy & Riley along with Joys mom Cindy were there too. It was such a FUN time! AJ played with Maddy (6) and Riley (9) the entire time and just couldn't get enough of them. In fact, at one point Maddy & Riley were arguing about who could play with AJ next. It was wonderful to know that he was having fun, but I could relax because I knew he was safe.

The food...Oh...MY...GOSH! It was delicious! Everything was soooo good and as I type, my stomach hates me for all that I ate. UGH :)

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures today. I guess I take enough everyday, right?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the short list of what I am thankful for:

* My healthy (for the most part) happy boy
* My husband, who makes our lives so good and affords for me to stay home with AJ. I am thankful every single day that he still has a job
* Jason's and my healthy families
* For the fact that my Mom & Dave moved here this year- it's been truly amazing!
* That my Dad (Bop) and Cory are coming to visit for Christmas! YAH!!!!!!!!!
* My fantastic group of friends- I am SOOO lucky!
* For being able to travel so much this past year and see so much of our families. We had such a great time seeing Uncle Matt & Aunt Kristin, Aunt Michele, Aunt Mandy, AJ's cousin Chase, Grandpa Lew, Grandma Janis, Pop & Grammy Cory!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spinning & Dancing

Here's some really funny video of AJ today- so darn cute! If you look closely, you can see his rash on his arms. Doesn't seem to bother him tho.

Allergic Reaction!

I'm starting to feel like I'm keeping AJ's pediatrician in business!

Last night, AJ and I were playing and I noticed that he had some red spots on his tummy. After further investigation, I saw that he had this TERRIBLE red rash over a large part of his body. It was really bad on his arms and legs, and some on his belly and back. I was shocked! Quickly, I started thinking about the day. Had he eaten something that was new to him? No. Had he played in something that he was allergic too? Nope, it was 30 degrees so he wasn't even outside much. What was it??

I put him in the bath to check him out more and was thinking about taking him the Urgent Care, but decided since it didn't seem to bother him, to wait until the morning. I lathered him up with this great lotion and put him to bed.

Of course, at 10pm he was awake and very upset. He was restless in my arms; just couldn't get comfortable. Finally, I gave him Benadryl and that helped put him back to sleep.

I was able to get him into the doctor this morning and found out that....He's ALLERGIC to Penicillin. I didn't know this because this was the first time he's been on it. This was the cause of the rash.

The doctor told me to stop using the medication right away, that other than the rash, he was in great health. Ears and throat were all better and his lungs sounded great. She said this rash could get worse before it gets better, but just to continue with the the lotion.

I really didn't expect that he'd get a reaction 8 days after starting the medication, but she told me that that is really common.

I'm glad to finally have this figured out and now maybe we can take a break from seeing the doctor??

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not So Jolly

Today, I took AJ to see Santa... I got pretty much what I expected. Take a look :

Friday, November 20, 2009

Everyday It's Something New!

I am not lying when I say that AJ is learning something new every single day! I don't know where he learns this stuff, especially since he doesn't go to daycare, but he does!

Sometimes, when I walk in a circle, he'll do what I'm doing and laugh. But, I've never put a name to it. Well, today, I asked him to "walk in a circle" and he DID! I was flabbergasted! Then, just to see what he'd do, I said, "Can you jump?" and he did! Well, more like he picked up one foot and stomped it on the ground- it was a toddler way of jumping. It was adorable! He did it a few times, so I know it wasn't a fluke.

He continues to amaze me. I think he's is VERY smart!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A very fond memory I have growing up was playing arcade games with Matt. We played wherever we could, but I mainly remember Lamppost Pizza (lots of Pack Man and Centipede). Of course, we were older than AJ and we actually put coins in the slot to make them play, but today, while we were at Red Robin for dinner, I put AJ up in the chair of this race car game and he was in heaven! He was laughing, "driving", and just loving it! I took a few pictures (with my phone), but this is the best one I could get.


First- I want to report that AJ is feeling A LOT better- those antibiotics did the trick- thank goodness!

Now, to the post:

Oh my gosh, in the past few weeks I've really seen AJ's imagination come out! He is SUCH a boy! For example, today he was in the bath and I got him these new bath toys that he loves. They are Styrofoam type toys in the shapes of a car, train, motorcycle, truck, tractor and road. They stick to the side of the tub when they are wet. Well, today, I watched him pick up the truck and he was walking around the tub with the truck in his hand saying "vrrrooooom". He was driving the truck around the tub! It was adorable!

Also- this cracked me up today. He was at Miss Jamie's house today (my friend, his babysitter once a week) and I picked him up right before nap time. On the way home he was talking and then became quiet. I thought he'd fallen asleep as he sometimes does. Just as we pulled into the driveway, I hear him say "YEAH!!!!!" in this loud, excited voice. It was like YEAH we're home! Hahah! He cracks me up :)

I really cannot get over how much he's learning right now. My mom got him this great book that has REAL pictures of all kinds of things. He has probably figured out 40% of the entire book! He can point out the dog, baby, cat, bird, turtle, ball, socks, pants, shirt, elephant, clock, television, apple, tractor, truck, firetruck (to which he makes the sound), motorcycle, diaper and so much more! He's also at the point where I will show him a picture of the couch in the book and he'll point to our couch, or as he did today, I pointed to the elephant in the book and he walked over and picked up his toy elephant! SOOOO smart! I can't even describe how I feel when he gets something new- it's the most amazing feeling to see him learn!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Update on the Sicky

Well, I guess I spoke too soon when I posted that AJ was on the mend yesterday. He woke up from his nap yesterday and was in a great mood! He still had tired eyes, but was happy and playing. So, we decided to get out of the house and get some lunch. You know how much I like to stay home all day!

We had a nice time at lunch, did a little shopping and then came home. AJ took another nap and then woke up...CRANKY!!!!!!!! I mean, SUPER cranky! Nothing would make him happy. He was super needy- crying, not eating or drinking and still very tired. I finally put him back down at 6:30pm. He woke up 3 times last night with that same, sad, painful cry. I decided to call the nurses line at our doctors office again this morning. When I explained how he was feeling again (this time his nose wasn't running and his fever was gone) she said to bring him in.

When we saw the doctor this morning, she was pretty puzzled by what I was telling her- especially since it's been going on SO LONG! She finally looked in his ear and saw it was a little infected, but when she looked in his throat she figured it all out. He's got a nasty throat infection! She even showed me and it looks so RED and painful! Poor guy! No wonder he's not happy, not eating and waking up in pain!

Thankfully, she gave us some antibiotics and sent us on our way. It so sad that AJ got his first bad infection, but I'm glad to finally KNOW what the problem is and hopefully he's on his way to being his happy self again!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

On The Mend

Just an update- it seems as though AJ is on the mend. He hasn't had a fever since early this morning and has been pretty much back to his old self :) He is still more tired than usual, but that's ok. As incredibly sweet as he is when he's sick, I an happy to have my healthy, happy boy back!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poor Sick Boy

Poor, sweet AJ is sick. He's had this cold now for over a week- runny, nasty nose and a little bit of crankiness, but it seems to be getting worse now. He's not been sleeping well. He's been waking up most nights at least once crying. When I give him Tylenol, he seems better and goes back to sleep. This afternoon, I put him down for a nap and he woke up after only an hour and was just laying in his crib, moaning and not really moving. Finally, after letting him stay in there for a while (thought he might fall back asleep) we got him up. He is miserable and I know just how it feels. He can't get comfortable, is sooo tired, but can't sleep and he's got a fever. It's hard to tell how high it is, but it's at least 101.1 (it's really hard to get a baby to stay still to take his temperature!)
Hopefully, he'll start feeling better tomorrow and get some good rest tonight!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

AJ Update

It's been a little while since I've posted an official update on how AJ is doing. Here goes:

* We have officially moved to one nap a day. I'm pretty happy about this, but at the same time, it's strange because AJ is getting less sleep now. He used to nap 2 times a day, sometimes for 2 hours each nap. Now, he takes one nap for 2 hours. Somehow his little body knows EXACTLY when it's been 2 hours! I expected that he'd take one longer nap, but no such luck. Thankfully, he typically wakes up rested and happy! The other bonus is that he's now starting to sleep a LITTLE later.... I've been lucky enough to sleep until 7am a few times :)

* Speaking of waking up- most days when he does wake from his nap, I give him some juice and he sits on my lap and quietly drinks his juice while we watch an episode of Mikey Mouse Clubhouse- it's our time to snuggle. I love it!

* AJ is learning a few new words- I don't know if he's any smarter than other kids his age, but I like to think he is! He's learned to say, Baby (be be), Apple, Pop (he says Dop), Hi, Hello (sounds like HOLLA), bye bye, and Uh Oh.

* Eating is still a bit of a challenge. Some days I'm amazed at what he will eat. Other days, he will only snack here or there. He does love his milk and juice though.

* AJ's FAVORITE book is the nursery rhyme book that his Oma gave him for his birthday. We read it EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's so funny how he knows that book. He points out all the animals and loves to turn the pages. I love when he wants to read because he'll go get a book and bring it to me. I sit on the floor and he plops right down on my lap. We do this MANY times a day.

* Poor boy has a cold.... He's had it for almost a week now. I had originally thought it was maybe teething or something until his boogies weren't clear anymore. The other night he woke up at midnight with this super painful cry and I went in and rocked him for a while. The next day, I took him to the doctor thinking maybe he had an ear infection, but thankfully he didn't. Just a cold. I think he's on the mend, but for now I have that child with the yucky booger face. Oh well, it happens!

* He has a serious attitude! There are times when I tell him "no" and he'll look back at me and yell, "MMMAAAAAAAAA!" which I think is his way of telling me NO very sternly. Grrr... Then, other times, I'll tell him no- like when he's trying to climb across the kitchen table- and I'll walk over to him and say "AJ, sit down please" and I end up saying it over and over. I will get closer to him and he'll make this funny face and I just want to crack up! But I know I can't. He's a character!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


These two...I tell ya! They are TROUBLE! :) Well, that's not really true. AJ is the instigator :) Every day, AJ tries to feed Buster food. ANYTHING! Cheerios, milk, bananas...anything! And then he terrorizes the poor dog by driving his truck around the house so fast that poor Buster can't sit still! He lays on him (as seen below), tries to ride him and pokes at his eyes! This dog is AMAZING!!!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER has Buster even thought about hurting AJ. He is sooooo wonderful. They truly are a special pair :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Finger Painting!

Here's some video of AJ's first time finger painting. He really enjoyed it, but like all kids, all he wanted was for me to squirt on MORE paint.... That's the part he really enjoyed. And the whole experience didn't last for much longer than what you see here :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today, we were reading this book and there was an octopus in there. AJ started saying it and it sounds like....

Breckenridge Pictures- November 2009

Run to Mommy!!!
Hugs are the BEST!!!

Swimming with Daddy!

Naptime perhaps??

Being silly with Daddy

My Handsome Fella!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend In Breckenridge!

We're spending some family time in Breckenridge this weekend and we're having A LOT of fun! We came up yesterday with our friends Domenic and Heather and their kids, Ashlyn, Kellyn and new baby boy Braylon. (Yes, they are BRAVE bringing a 5 year old, 2 year old and 5 WEEK old!) They were only able to stay one night, so it worked out that we got some great friend time, and then a day of family time.

Last night, after we got settled, we took the kids to the jacuzzi (we told them it was the pool) to play for a bit and just hung around the condo. It was WONDERFUL having all the kids here because AJ had a great time playing. Then today, we took them to the actual pool this morning after breakfast and had more play time. Then after Dom and Heather and family left we decided to hit Main Street for some shopping and let AJ play around the little park and stream. He LOVED IT! We let him out of the stroller and he was running around, climbing on rocks, walking across the bridge and talking to all the people with dogs that walked by.

It's been a really fun weekend. I'll get more pictures posted tomorrow :)

The view from our deck...does it get ANY better than this??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I just had a put a post on here to let you all know that Jason found out today that he is NUMBER ONE in the company! What that means is that of the 200 or so people at Dell that do his job, he's the top guy! I'm soooo proud of him. He's been working really hard and is finally seeing the results.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Child...The Terror!

Today, at a play date, AJ PUSHED another kid down the stairs! And I watched it..... It was like something in a movie- I was watching it, but it happened so fast, I couldn't do anything to stop it! It was horrible! Thankfully, Cameron- the other little boy- was fine and tumbled rather than fell down about 7 carpeted steps, but I felt SOOOO BAD! I know that AJ didn't mean to and didn't do it intentionally, but ugh..... I felt like such a bad mom!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

16 Months is FUN!

Ok, that was somewhat sarcastic.... Having a 16 month old boy can be exhausting! Sure, it's a lot of fun, but at times my patience wears very thin..... Here's what is going on:

* Just today, AJ learned how to climb on the kitchen chairs. Guess what that means? The kitchen table has now turned into a jungle gym! I see broken bones in our future...

* He can say SO many words- just not "please" or "more". He says turtle, tractor, truck, apple, cat, Pop (sounds like Dop), and SOOO many other words, but ask him to say "please" and he points and says, "EEHHH". If he's in a bad mood it's more like a whining, crying "EEEEEEEEEEHHHHH" (with a finger pointed at what he wants)

* He is getting REALLY smart! Everyday I am impressed by him! AJ has a ton of bath toys- many of them are animals. Today I asked, "Where is the duck?" and he found the duck right away! This may seem like not a big deal, but DUCK isn't something we've really been working on. We've been working on horse, cow, dog, cat, bunny, giraffe, fish and other things. Oh, speaking of fish, he put together that a dolphin swims too! Again, I know this seems silly, but I have shown him that a fish swims; not that a dolphin swims. Somehow he got it! You should hear me when he GETS something like this- I freak out! I am so proud :)

* Today...he pooped in the bath for the first time....Enough said

* His new thing is pointing and saying "EEHHH" to the refrigerator. I have NO IDEA what he actually wants, so I open it and he stands IN the fridge and rummages through looking for things.

* This daylight savings thing is for the birds! UGH! Ok, so I'm happy that the sun comes up earlier, but this child has been waking up at FOUR IN THE MORNING for the past few days. UNACCEPTABLE I tell ya!

* AJ walks around ALL day EVERY day saying "Mom....Mom...Mama...Mom..Mom...Mama..." It's the cutest and sweetest thing. It warms my heart. I respond with, "Yes?, Yes honey bear?, AJ? Yes?" The response I get is "Mom...Mom....Mama...Mom?" I love him.

* He calls himself "A..A" It's the cutest thing. I'm trying to get it on video. This always makes me think that at SOME point, he's going to have to learn that his name is Anderson.

* It's 9:20pm....I must go to sleep as I'm sure I'll be up BEFORE the crack of dawn. More blogging tomorrow I'm sure :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! AJ had a lot of fun tonight. We didn't actually trick or treat; we just hung out outside for a little bit with our neighbors. Here are a few pictures:

AJ with some of the kids from our street Silly Monkey!

Fun with Daddy!

He Started Out A Monkey

and left as a plumber :)
This was taken at our MOMS Club halloween party last week. I have no idea why, but about half way into the party, AJ decided he wanted to undress himself. It was hilarious!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Snow Storm 2009

This is our deck... I have to shovel a path for Buster!

Front Porch

Did I mention it's only OCTOBER????? We're in for a LONG winter...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More California Pictures

We made it home safely from California on Sunday after such a WONDERFUL visit! It was relaxing, and fun and AJ & I have some more great memories.

Here are some pictures from our day Saturday hanging out with Uncle Matt & Aunt Kristin. We started out with lunch and then headed to the Dana Point harbor for some fun in the sun! Matt and AJ had a wonderful time running into and out of the water, throwing rocks and just being boys.

Then, on Sunday we got to spend some time with Grandpa Lew and Janis- Since they are moving, they are camping for a few days and we met up with them at the campsite for breakfast and some park time.