Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Helper

AJ has become such a big helper! He really enjoys doing things with and for me. It's very cute to watch him doing things and be proud of his accomplishments.

Here are a few things that AJ likes to do:

* He loves to help me feed Buster. He will bring the bowl to me, so I can put Busters medication in there. Then he takes the bowl into the laundry room (where we keep the dog food) and I fill it up with food. Then AJ brings it to the backdoor so I can put it outside.

* Ever since he helped me make lasagna last week, AJ is REALLY interested in helping me in the kitchen. Whenever I am doing something in the kitchen, he wants to "watch"- which really means help. I let him stir things or help me in other ways.

* AJ also likes to help me empty the dishwasher. He will take each piece of silverware out one by one and hand it to me. I tell him all the things I put away, so he can learn what they are.

* He likes to throw things away. Thankfully, I don't typically find things in the trash that don't belong :)