Saturday, March 21, 2009


I can't quite put my finger on it, but there are some changes going on with Anderson. He has looked different to me ever since we got back from California. His eyes look different, his hair is longer and he looks so much more like a boy than a baby. My baby is growing up!! :(

AJ also has been acting strange lately; for the past two days he hasn't wanted to eat much. This is NOT typical (obviously!) He usually will eat a yogurt for breakfast and maybe some fruit, but lately he's only eating less than half of a yogurt. When I give him his favorite foods that I KNOW he'll eat, he pushes it away. Last night I tried EVERYTHING to get him to eat dinner and he pushed it away again. I wanted him to have something in his stomach while he was sleeping so he finally ate a little bread, some goldfish and a few yogurt melts; not the most nutritious meal...

I do know that AJ is teething so maybe this is the reason he's not wanting to eat. He's also sleeping a little better and taking more naps (knock on wood!) The other night he fell asleep in my arms in his clothes, before we even tried to feed him and didn't wake up until 1:30am. Strange....

I am still nursing him and I seem to be doing that a bit more in the past few days which at least gets him some nutrients and he is drinking water and juice; I don't want him getting dehydrated.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Fun Trip!

AJ and I just returned from a very fun, and exhausting trip to California. As usual, we kept very busy and saw lots of family and friends.

We got to see Grandma and hang out with her puppy, Lexi, who quickly became best buds with AJ. They just love each other. AJ was enjoying pulling Lexi's hair while Lexi enjoyed licking AJ's face :) My mom and I took Anderson shopping, to the park and to the beach. We also were lucky to be invited to go onto my brothers work boat. Matt took us out to look for whales and dolphins. We didn't find any, but we had a GREAT time seeing what Matt does and enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL sunny Southern California day. AJ did great on the boat and enjoyed himself.

My first BOAT RIDE!

Hold on TIGHT Grandma!

The Captain of the boat; my Uncle Matt!

We spent some time with Pop and Grammy Cory. While Cory and I shopped and looked for fabric, my dad enjoyed driving AJ around while he napped. It was cute to hear that my dad enjoyed just listening to him breathe in the backseat :) It's the little things right? We also had a few good dinners with Matt & Kristin. They all got to see AJ crawl and try to pull himself up. He certainly is a BUSY little boy!

I love my Pop & Grammy Cory!

AJ and I had a fun play date with friends, saw some old neighbors and also were lucky enough to see some of Jason's family. We went to breakfast one morning with Grandpa Lew, Grandma Janis, Aunties Michele & Mandy and AJ's cousin Chase. They were all impressed at how happy AJ is and how he was able to sit at Mimi's for almost 2 hours without too much fuss (thanks to food and toys!)
Cousin Chase

With Grandpa Lew

While we were in California Anderson got 2 new teeth! This would partially explain why he was a TERRIBLE sleeper- waking up almost hourly. I felt so bad for him because I knew he just wasn't happy. In all honesty, I felt bad for me too because I was TIRED :)

He also started to REALLY crawl! He still does the army crawl, but a number of times we watched him do the real thing. At one point, he also was able to pull himself up!

We had a GREAT time on our trip and we are both happy to be home and sleeping in our own beds :)

Cool Kid!