Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Snow of the Year

We got our first snow this morning! What a surprise! AJ and I woke up- I went to make my coffee and AJ hopped on the couch. I looked outside and there it was! We were so excited. We put on coats and slippers and went on outside to throw our first snowballs at each other. AJ asked me if we could go skiing today. I think we'll do that this year!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Tonight, on our way home from Grandma's, AJ asked me if I had Angry Birds on my phone. I said I didn't, but I'd get it for him. So, as I was trying to get the app, he asked me, "Mom, are you downloading it now?" Who is this child!? How does my baby know what the heck downloading is?!

I cracked up uncontrollably- so much so that he yelled at me to stop laughing at him. It was SO funny tho!

I love him :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Knock on wood, AJ has been VERY healthy in the past year or so. Truly, he's been a very healthy kid all around. Of course he gets colds once in a while, but nothing major and typically they don't last too long. When he started school, I assumed he'd be continually sick. We've been lucky... until now.

AJ was with Jason most of the weekend and when I got him Sunday late afternoon, he seemed happy, but was losing his voice. This was new. I asked Jason and he said, ya, he'd been clearing his throat a lot lately, but otherwise, nothing. As Sunday night went on into very very early Monday morning, I noticed AJ began looking very tired, out of it and now he almost had no voice, but had this nasty seal like bark. I knew it... Croup!

So, Monday morning I called the doctor first thing- AJ had a fever the night before and very early morning and I knew he wasn't going to school and we needed to see the doctor. We got in at 9:45 and after he coughed for the doctor, she confirmed right away it was croup. She said we caught it very early, gave him some steroid pills and a lollipop and sent us home. She said that his lungs were clear, but that his vocal cords were swollen (loss of voice) and to take it easy that day. He was SUPER sweet that day- more than usual and was also very happy. But also kind of spacey.

Luckily, Jason was able to work from home on Monday so I went into work 1/2 day and then picked him up later that night. He seemed pretty good.

This morning, I brought him to school (I HAD to work) and told the teacher he had croup (the doctor told me they only keep kids home with croup if they have a fever, which his was gone 24 hours at this point) and she said, "Oh, ALL the kids have croup right now! It's really going around!" Good to know, I suppose....

I picked him up from school today and he was his normal adorable, ornery, stubborn lovable self :) The teacher said he was great and you'd never know he was sick.

Froggy Gets Dressed

This is the cutest book. It was a great find at the library a few weeks ago and AJ and just love reading it. We've read it every night for about 3 weeks and I'm sad that we're going to have to return it soon :)

Because we've been reading it so much, AJ practically knows the whole thing word for word. It makes me SOO SOO SOOO happy to read it with him because he knows exactly when "his turn" is to read his portion. Here's the story (not exactly, but it's the way we read it):

ME: Froggy wakes up one morning and see's its snowing outside. His mom says, 'go back to bed Froggy and wake up when the snow melts'. But froggy says 'I'm awake!' and he goes out to play

AJ: 'FROGGGGGGGYYYY (says his mom), Did you forget to put something on?' Froggy looks down and sees he forgot his pants!

ME: So, froggy goes in and takes off his shoes, mittens and scarf and puts on his shirt. He flops back outside.

AJ: Flop, flop, flop.... 'FROOGGGGGYYYY (says his mom) Did you forget to put something on?' Froggy looks down and sees he forgot his shirt! 'AND YOUR COAT!' (says his mom)

ME: So, froggy goes in and takes off his mittens, scarf, etc.... and puts on his shirt and coat. He flops back outside

AJ: Flop, flop, flop.... 'FROGGGGGGYYYY (says his mom) Did you forget to put something on?'

ME: Froggy looks down. He has on his mittens, his scarf, his hat, his socks, his pants and shirt.

AJ: (mommy yells) 'YOU FORGOT YOUR UNDERWEAR!' (and we both laugh our heads off)

ME: So, froggy goes back inside and takes off all his clothes once again...

AJ: flop, flop, flop.... and he puts on his long johns with a snap of elastic!

ME: And he puts on one sock, one mitten, and then he drops the rest of it

AJ: and climbs back in bed because he's too tired.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Good night Froggy :)

And with that AJ acts like froggy and throws his head onto the pillow, clothes his eyes and pretends to snore :)