Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cali Trip March 2012

AJ and I were lucky enough to get out to California this past weekend to see Pop and Grammy! We had such a wonderful, relaxing time. We headed out Friday afternoon and flew into Santa Barbara. AJ was beyond excited to see Pop and Grammy!

At the airport, ready to go!

On Friday night when we arrived at their house we unloaded our stuff and headed outside to their beautiful yard to enjoy the sunshine. It has been VERY cold in Colorado so it was great to spend some time in flip flops and shorts. Dad and Cory have great next door neighbors, Heather and Jeremy and their two kids Mackenzie and Hudson. These kids are always so kind and so polite and love to bring AJ toys to play. We sat outside on the bench for a while letting the kids play in the wheelbarrow while the adults talked and laughed and sipped some wine in the sun :)

Mackenzie, Hudson and AJ


The kids next door have 7 or 8 turtles in their yard. AJ got to go feed them! It was so cool!

Saturday we headed up north to San Simeon to check out the beautiful beach and tidepools. We stopped at this amazing little general store for wonderful sandwiches. Pop waited in line for 30 minutes to place our order while Cory and I enjoyed some wine tasting. The sandwiches were WELL worth it! (Thanks Pop!)

Love this guy
Love this guy too!

Pop and Grammy watching the waves

Wine tasting :)
That night we spent some time at home relaxing and the guys played blocks :)


On Sunday, we took our time getting up and then went for a nice walk in the orchard. This used to be a strawberry field, but now they are growing peas. Such a beautiful place!

On the way to our next adventure, we found this guy! AJ got to feed it!
Then we went to Avila beach where they have this amazing park! We have been there once before and AJ loved it. They have a pirate ship in the park, and tons of fun things for him to play on. And it doesn't hurt that the beach is right there too. So pretty!

After the beach we went to the Avila Farm. We go there every time we visit because it's so fun! AJ got to pick carrots from Dad and Cory's garden and bring them to feed all the animals. Later that night we had the neighbors over for a BBQ and the kids got to play some more. It was fun!

We really had a blast with Pop and Grammy. It was such a realxing and fun time. AJ got to read bird books with Grammy, play blocks with Pop and he and Pop even made a wooden airplane! It was so cool to see them have so much fun together :) We also played some family baseball! What a blast! We busted out an old bat and ball and all took turns hitting. AJ got a turn too and he rocked it! (Video at the end of the entry)


Helping Pop drill

The finished product!

He also loved the kittys! This is Dragster.. 

Here is AJ hitting the ball! He hit at least 50% of the balls Pop threw him! It was amazing!