Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update on School- Week 1

I know I've already written about his first day, but today I finally got to pick him up and so I was able to get a better understanding of how he is and what he does. I got there at 4 today and like every afternoon, he was playing on the playground with all the other kids. He was in the HUGE sand pit playing and I stopped to watch him for a minute before I let him know I was there. He was playing with about 9 other kids his age. He looked like he was having a blast!

Finally, I called his name and he looked up and said, "Hi Mom!" and then went back to playing in the sand :) After a few minutes, I asked if he wanted to come show me his classroom- he said yes and he showed me the way. When we got there he showed me the fish tank, the sand box where he plays cars, where circle time is, where he can get a drink of water and some of the toys they have. It's VERY well organized. Things are clean and put away when the kids are out playing.After a few minutes in there, I started to think maybe we should be on our way, but AJ told me he didn't want to leave! So, then he showed me the kitchen where they all eat and the area that they all nap- he showed me his nap mat which he seemed proud of.

When we were able to go, I grabbed his bag from is cubby and looked up at this chart they do for each kid. Tells how long they napped, how much they are and a few other things. He at all his lunch and napped just over an hour. He has napped in the past more like 2-3 hours but I understand why it's different.

Then, we walked back out to the playground and he wanted to play some more, so I had a chance to talk to his teachers. One teacher, Miss Michelle told me that he has wonderful manners. Anytime someone handed something to him, he always said please and thank you. She was impressed :) The other teachers had great things to say- he gets along well, no fighting, or anything like that- thankfully.

I know the drop off today wasn't that great, but I hope by tomorrow he'll be ready to just run in. I KNOW he's having fun! And I can already feel he's learning a ton!

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Today was AJ's first day! We've been telling him about it for weeks now- trying to prepare him. Each time I talk to him and say "You get to go to school soon!" his response is, "Not today..."

So, I had hoped he would get a great nights sleep last night so he would be refreshed and ready to go this morning. That didn't work out so well. Neither of us got any sleep - he tossed and turned all night- and when he woke up, the first thing he said was "I'm going to school today? I don't wanna go to school today". I figured it would be a rough drop off....

We got all showered and out the door- packed his backpack, water bottle, extra set of clothes, took some pictures and we went to Castle Academy. On the way, he was asking all kinds of questions. "Daddy's gonna be there? You're gonna stay with me? Daddy's gonna pick me up? I don't want to go. I'm scared". I told him that I understood him being scared- that a lot of kids are afraid their first day of school, but that he's a big boy and I know he'd have a great time. I told him many of his friends go to school too.

Jason met us at school and when we got out of the car, AJ seemed just fine. We walked into the building and he had no problems. Then, we got to his classroom and he was a little scared- holding on to my hand and wanting me to play with him. We met Miss Michelle who seems wonderful and asked him right away if he wanted to see the fish tank. We all walked over to see the fish and on the way, he found 2 little boys playing with this awesome sandbox with tractors in it. He stopped and wanted to play with them. He seemed really comfortable already.

We watched for a few minutes and then told AJ we were going to leave and go to work. That Daddy would be back after nap to get him. He gave us a kiss and a hug, started making pretend muffins with Miss Michelle and we left!

No tears from AJ at all. Me, on the other hand.... ugh

Such a big boy!


I talked to Jason and to AJ after school today and it seems that things went pretty well today. Jason told me that the teacher said that he was very good. That he did start to whine a lot before his nap. But after nap he was good again. AJ said he had a good time and that he met some new friends. When I asked the names, he told me, "Jack". He said he didn't like his teacher, Miss Michelle- but at this point, I don't really believe that. He says that to me from time to time about people I know he likes a lot. He said he had pizza for lunch, but I was also told by Jason that he didn't eat much at all today. He also told me that he wanted to show me some things in his backpack- but we were on the phone, so I don't know what those things are. He seemed happy though, and that's what is important to me :) I hope tomorrow goes just as well! I'm so proud of my big boy!