Thursday, November 29, 2012

Perry the Elf!

AJ loves his Elf on the Shelf! Last year, he named our elf Buddy. But this year, AJ decided to change his name. So, I’d like to introduce Perry the Elf! He showed up a few nights ago. That sneaky elf showed up in AJ’s room and was sitting on his guitar! He also left his book on AJ’s bed. I’m going to try to take their picture each night when Perry comes back.

Day One! So excited that he finally arrived this year!

Day 2- He was hiding in our Thankful wreath!

That silly elf was hiding in AJ's shoes.. which were on the counter!

That guy was hiding on our TV!

Day 9- silly boy! The smile is because he is standing on the arm of the couch- he thinks he's being sneaky :)

Day 15