Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Graduate

Well, Anderson has officially graduated swim class :) We both REALLY enjoyed his lessons each week! Today was our last class and as we were leaving the pool and saying goodbye to the teacher, she looked around to see if anyone else was around and then whispered to me "He was just so much fun and I always looked forward to seeing him in class." I thought that was so sweet! We are going to take a few weeks off from lessons and then will probably do it again in late spring. We certainly will continue going to the pool and just playing- hopefully weekly.

Here's a picture of his certificate:

The Back:

This says:
Dear Anderson!,
Jenny and I had so much fun being your instructors. We hope you will continue to come to the pool and enjoy more experiences in swim lessons.
Thank you for being so happy and smiling and bringing us joy in our jobs as water safety instructors.
Love, Linda & Jenny