Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy & Halloween!

Wednesday was Jason's 38th birthday! He had a really good day and loved hearing from all his friends and family. That night, I organized all of our neighbors to go out to dinner. In all, there were 16 of us. It was fun!
Opening presents

Happy birthday Bronco cake!

Here are some Halloween pictures. What a FUN day! AJ got to wear his costume to school all day. He was an army man! They had a parade and party and I was so happy to be able to surprise him and go. He asked me in the morning if I could go, and I told him honestly, no. I thought I wouldn't be able to leave work. But I got lucky!
That night, we had all our neighbors over for dinner- and set up a table in the garage with 4 houses full of candy. We had the house to go to! Jason and I took turns taking AJ out trick or treating. This year he was REALLY into it. Running with his buddies from house to house, with no fear at all. I loved watching him :)

My Army Man!

This is AJ's WONDERFUL teacher, Mrs. Hayden. She is amazing! We love her :)

AJ with his buddies

With his adorable friend, Bella

One of his best buddies, Tyler

And this is Paige.. His current "girlfriend". She's adorable and so sweet

That night, he decided to change out of his Army costume and into Spiderman

Love these two :)