Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TONS of ski videos

We have been skiing A LOT this season already! I can't tell you how happy it makes me that both AJ and Jason look forward to going each weekend. In fact, one time we skied on Saturday, Jason went to the Bronco game on Sunday and while there texted me to see if I wanted to go skiing the following weekend! I am beyond thrilled by this! And not to mention, Jason is really doing well! He took 3 lessons and is now really comfortable on green runs and doing some blues too! We've gone to Loveland a few times and also have gone to Copper Mountain a couple times with friends. When we go there, we get a hotel room and it's so fun! We get up REALLY early (like 5:30.. that's not the fun part), get to the mountain around 8:30, have breakfast, then ski with friends all day. Stop for lunch and then back at it again till about 4. We go back to our hotel room, shower, and head down to the Old Chicago restaurant and have drinks and dinner. Then we pass out and go home Sunday morning. It works out so well because we miss the traffic. The days we don't stay the night, we have to leave by about 2pm to miss the traffic. This way, we get more time on the mountain! It's a blast! The ONLY challenge is getting Jason into the car and on the road on time :) AJ isn't a problem. The running joke is that I wake him up by saying, "AJ time to wake up! You're Ipad is charged at 100%" and he jumps up! haha Here are a bunch of videos from our ski trips. They go in order from the past to the present so you can see how much better these guys are getting!

Here is Jason skiing- doing great!

Matt came to visit and we all skied together. They rocked it!

At Copper Mountain, AJ did the Terrain Park- excuse my loud yelling!

AJ with his friend Dax at LUV.

AJ at Copper