Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Getting Easier

Just a quick update on the job situation for those of you who may be intested. Leaving AJ has gotten a lot easier. He was wonderful last week with Jamie and this morning he was very excited to spend the day with Mamna-in fact on the way there, he said, "AJ excited Mamna house" which was adorable. I know he's in good hands and is having a great time. No tears today, and I'm feeling pretty good. It helps a lot that we had a wonderful weekend together at the county fair, hanging out with friends and playing at the pool.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Double Trouble

Today AJ and I were lucky enough to hang out with our dear friends Ki and her sons Dax and Skylar. Ki just had baby Skylar two weeks ago and I'm sad to say we haven't been able to see them until today. We've been busy and out of town, but finally this morning we went over to there house to hang out, catch up and let the boys play.

Dax and AJ are quite a pair...of trouble makers! We were all hanging out in Ki's backyard and the boys were playing and running around and eventually made their way to the playhouse. It's this small room in the backyard that has a bunch of toys, and some bikes, and camping gear. Ki and I figured they would be fine in there alone and enjoyed a few minutes catching up and gushing over sweet baby Skylar. Then... we realized it was maybe a little too quiet. I went over to the playhouse to check on the boys and HOLY COW... Turns out there was (washable) paint left on the ground and the boys found it. They were quietly painting EVERYTHING in that room. The doors, the walls, the floor (wood floor, thankfully), a bike and all the toys in there were COVERED with globs of paint. There were about 5 open paint tubes thrown about and the boys had paint ALL over themselves. They both had completely blue hands and feet and had obviously been trying to eat the paint too. What a mess!! Thankfully, the paint is washable so it wasn't THAT big of a deal. It didn't ruin anything- it just made a huge mess and made very messy boys (who both had JUST had a bath)..ugh

You would think we would have learned a lesson after this...but no!

I made dinner for Ki and Dax just to help out a bit with the new baby and they invited AJ and I over to enjoy it together and let the boys play again. They just love each other. So, tonight we went back over to their house. Again, the boys were playing alone-this time upstairs- while we were eating. They were laughing and just cracking up and we figured they were playing with toys. Then it got quiet again.... I walked upstairs and I found Dax in the shower-fully clothed with shoes on- and AJ was turning the water on and off and each time it went on, Dax would scream and laugh. Dax was completely SOAKED! I couldn't believe it! I think what I couldn't believe is that two times in one day, Ki and I allowed the kids to get into this kind of trouble! These boys are so darn fun, but they are double trouble!