Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Zion July 2015

We took a week long vacation to Zion and met up with Pop and Grammy Cory. We had a great time! The first day, we drove about 5 hours to Grand Junction and stayed there for the night. The next day, we drove about 7 more to Zion. We spent that day just getting settled in. On Monday, Pop and Grammy came. Our week consisted of hiking to the Emerald Pools and the Narrows, BBQing at our campsite, playing this fun pig game together in the trailer and just hanging out. It felt like a really relaxing and easy get away. We got very lucky with the weather too- the week prior it had been in the low 100's. While we were there it was in the 90's most the time. Still hot, but not nearly as bad!

When the week was over, we headed back to Colorado and Pop and Grammy to California. We both had LONG drives (and we ran outta gas in the middle of nowhere- but that's another story). AJ was a really good traveler and rarely complained about the amount of time sitting in the car.

It sure was fun to spend a week with Grammy and Pop! We miss them already!

The view from our campsite

Entering the Park!

Starting out our hike

The crazy chipmunk was HUGE and he was very used to people... a little too comfortable in fact.

The Narrows

Hiking up to the Emerald Pools- Day 2- it was a long hike and HOT, but AJ did great! Grammy and Pop too

So beautiful

Checking out a little cave.

Made it to the 2nd pool- there were probably 100 tadpoles in the water behind us. 

We took a drive one day and found about 20 Big Horn Sheep! They were SO cool!


This guy was amazing! We stopped because he had a sign outside saying "Demo". He's a blacksmith and was working right then. He offered to let us watch as he made a Bronco key ring and a hummingbird. It was amazing to watch and such detail!

Hummingbird for Grammy.. Bronco for AJ

Our last day!

AJ became a Jr. Ranger at the park. He had to do a number of things, like pick up trash, identify different animal prints,  see a ton of different animals in the park and other things. Once he finished, he took the book to the ranger and was sworn in as a Jr. Ranger. He got a badge and everything!

Our last night- and Grammy's birthday! We went to the Spotted Dog Cafe which was AMAZING! Such delicious food- and we had a great time celebrating Grammy!