Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Weekend With AJ!

AJ and I got to spend the entire weekend together and while we didn't have much planned, we did a few really fun things together. I'm always proud of him, but this weekend I he really proved himself to be a very brave boy!

Last week, Colorado got an INSANE amount of snow. It snowed for 36 hours non-stop and we got about 18 inches (depending on what channel you watched or what city you live in). When it finally stopped snowing, it was time for sledding! On Saturday morning AJ and I went over to Grandma and Papa's because they have some great hills in their neighborhood. We all got on our snow gear and grabbed the sled and camera and headed out. What a difference a year makes!

Last year, we had a wonderful time sledding and because AJ was 2 1/2 he was kinda young to do much on his own. This year, I assumed I'd still be in the sled with him, but on our first trip down the hill, we barely moved. We were too heavy. So, I got out and AJ did it all by himself. What a BRAVE guy! He absolutely had a BLAST! He giggled down the hill each time and when he got to the bottom between giggles he kept saying, "THAT WAS AWESOME!" Thankfully, the sun was out so it really wasn't too cold (probably in the 20's) so he never froze. He loved watching me go down the hill too. Here's a video and some pics:

Walking down the street to our sledding hill


AJ and Grandma

Papa, Grandma and AJ

That's A LOT of snow!

Another big thing happened on Saturday night. I took AJ to the Rec Center pool- we haven't been in months! They have this great indoor kid pool with a water slide and AJ has never gone alone. He's gone on my lap a few times but FINALLY he did it alone! I had to coax him and promise him candy, but it worked! When he finally decided he was going to do it, I loved watching him just do it with purpose. You could see his whole body language change and he just said, "I'm doing it" and took off. Now, this isn't a huge water slide or anything, but it's dark inside and obviously you come down and land in the water (which he can stand in). I hate water slides, mainly because of the dark, so I totally get why he never wanted to do it. I was so proud that he did tho.

It was a weekend I won't forget :)