Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a GREAT day!

This year, I decided to run the Castle Rock Turkey Trot- a 5k- which was super fun! I've been running a lot lately, but only on the treadmill. Running outside was certainly more challenging, but it was fun! The best part was seeing my guys at the finish line :)

After the race, we went home and AJ napped while Jason did some work on his car and I did NOTHING- ahhh, that was nice :)

Then, around 2, we headed to my Mom & Dave's for a FEAST! It was a WONDERFUL time! Our friends Joy & Kris and their kids Maddy & Riley along with Joys mom Cindy were there too. It was such a FUN time! AJ played with Maddy (6) and Riley (9) the entire time and just couldn't get enough of them. In fact, at one point Maddy & Riley were arguing about who could play with AJ next. It was wonderful to know that he was having fun, but I could relax because I knew he was safe.

The food...Oh...MY...GOSH! It was delicious! Everything was soooo good and as I type, my stomach hates me for all that I ate. UGH :)

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures today. I guess I take enough everyday, right?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the short list of what I am thankful for:

* My healthy (for the most part) happy boy
* My husband, who makes our lives so good and affords for me to stay home with AJ. I am thankful every single day that he still has a job
* Jason's and my healthy families
* For the fact that my Mom & Dave moved here this year- it's been truly amazing!
* That my Dad (Bop) and Cory are coming to visit for Christmas! YAH!!!!!!!!!
* My fantastic group of friends- I am SOOO lucky!
* For being able to travel so much this past year and see so much of our families. We had such a great time seeing Uncle Matt & Aunt Kristin, Aunt Michele, Aunt Mandy, AJ's cousin Chase, Grandpa Lew, Grandma Janis, Pop & Grammy Cory!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spinning & Dancing

Here's some really funny video of AJ today- so darn cute! If you look closely, you can see his rash on his arms. Doesn't seem to bother him tho.

Allergic Reaction!

I'm starting to feel like I'm keeping AJ's pediatrician in business!

Last night, AJ and I were playing and I noticed that he had some red spots on his tummy. After further investigation, I saw that he had this TERRIBLE red rash over a large part of his body. It was really bad on his arms and legs, and some on his belly and back. I was shocked! Quickly, I started thinking about the day. Had he eaten something that was new to him? No. Had he played in something that he was allergic too? Nope, it was 30 degrees so he wasn't even outside much. What was it??

I put him in the bath to check him out more and was thinking about taking him the Urgent Care, but decided since it didn't seem to bother him, to wait until the morning. I lathered him up with this great lotion and put him to bed.

Of course, at 10pm he was awake and very upset. He was restless in my arms; just couldn't get comfortable. Finally, I gave him Benadryl and that helped put him back to sleep.

I was able to get him into the doctor this morning and found out that....He's ALLERGIC to Penicillin. I didn't know this because this was the first time he's been on it. This was the cause of the rash.

The doctor told me to stop using the medication right away, that other than the rash, he was in great health. Ears and throat were all better and his lungs sounded great. She said this rash could get worse before it gets better, but just to continue with the the lotion.

I really didn't expect that he'd get a reaction 8 days after starting the medication, but she told me that that is really common.

I'm glad to finally have this figured out and now maybe we can take a break from seeing the doctor??

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not So Jolly

Today, I took AJ to see Santa... I got pretty much what I expected. Take a look :