Friday, January 2, 2009

Poor Sick Boy

Sadly, Anderson has his first cold. I figured the time would come soon as he's been super healthy for 6 months. He woke up yesterday extremely congested and also very moody. He can be a moody kid at times, but mainly when he's tired. This was different. Throughout the day I started noticing his eyes were watering and his nose was running out of control and he just was cranky. I feel so bad for the poor fella and wish there was something I could do. For now, I'm just giving him Tylenol, holding him and giving him extra love. I hope he gets better tomorrow!

On another note, AJ is now wearing size 9-12 month clothes! I cannot believe it! He's such a BIG boy! I was going through his closet today to pack away the clothes that don't fit him and was running down memory lane. He sure has some cute clothes! It's hard to believe he used to fit into newborn and 0-3 month sizes and they used to be BIG on him!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Picture of the Week

I just love this picture! My mom's dad made this rocking horse for my mom back when she was a baby and my brother and I used it when we were kids. It means so much to me that Anderson is able to use it too! I just love it!


Anderson's First Christmas

I finally have a free minute to update the blog about our WONDERFUL trip to California for Christmas. We all had an awesome time seeing family and friends and enjoying AJ's first Christmas.

We arrived in California on Saturday Dec 20th. The plane trip wasn't too bad. We decided not to give AJ any drugs for the trip. I never liked drugging him, and since I had Jason there to help, I figured we could get through 2 hours. AJ was really good- for a 6 month old- and just needed to be played with and talked to. It was exhausting, but we expected that.

Saturday when we arrived, we went to my moms house and unpacked and just hung out. We had a lot of preparing to do as we had about 5 Christmas's to celebrate!

Sunday my Dad & Cory came to town to spend some time with us and we went to Matt & Kristin's for dinner and presents. It was such a nice time. It was so relaxing and low key. Everyone enjoyed spending time with Anderson and he entertained us all by rolling around and playing.

Pop & AJ

Monday we had my Dad's family over for a Christmas celebration. It has been many years since we've all been able to get together for Christmas and it was so nice to see everyone. Many people hadn't met Anderson before so that was fun. We had a pinata for the kids and a gift exchange as well as great conversation. I haven't seen my Aunt Sharon in over 5 years so it was great to see her and talk with her. She and AJ had fun together :)

With Anderson's Great Aunt Sharon

On Tuesday we said goodbye to Grammy & Pop which is always hard to do. It's especially hard when we don't have plans to get together again anytime soon. I hope to make a trip out there again soon or would love to have them visit too. It's tough living in another state, especially with a baby.

Grammy Cory & Pop

That day we drove about 3 hours north to Bakersfield to visit Jason's dad & family. Jason has a nephew, Kaden who is 5 and a new niece Kylie who's just a few months older than Anderson. AJ did great on the car ride up there, but I think he was having tummy problems as he was in pain much of the day. I felt so bad for him and I felt bad for Jason's family as they don't get to see him much and he was so cranky.

We ended up having a nice visit and AJ did play with Kylie. She's just about to crawl so it was adorable to watch her scoot around; pretty soon it'll be AJ's turn!

With Cousin Kylie

Papa Tom

Jason, Uncle Tommy, Cousin Kaden

Wednesday was a really great day. I was able to leave Anderson with Jason for a few hours so my mom and I could do some shopping. I know I shop a lot, but it's rare that I can do it without Anderson. It was fun to just cruise around the mall. I got some new make up (which I'm realizing I really need now that I have a baby) and a few sweaters. Then that night Matt & Kristin hosted a WONDERFUL Christmas eve dinner at their house. We had some amazing food there and had a great time visiting with Kristin's family. They are just such fun and friendly people and it's always nice to be with them. The surprise of the night was when Matt opened his Christmas gift- a new big screen TV! (Jason was so jealous!)

The Family

Christmas day! More presents, more food! Matt & Kristin came over around 10:30 for brunch. My mom always goes ALL OUT on Christmas. We had omelets and waffles, fruit, sausage and mimosas. What a way to start out the day! Then came time to open all our gifts. We opened presents for what seemed like 2 hours and it was a lot of fun! Anderson didn't know what was going, but he had a great time trying to eat the ribbon (and anything else that was near him). Of course he got so many gifts; toys, clothes and so much more! People were incredibly generous.

Present Time!

In Front of the Tree

Getting a little tired of this Grandma

And he's done...

On Friday we celebrated Christmas with Jason's sisters and Paul (AKA Grandpa Lew) We went to Michele's house and had a great time. Again, we ate, hung out and opened presents. We also played some fun games!

Grandpa Lew

Mandy, Michele, Jason, AJ and Grandpa Lew

Saturday we had to leave. It was such a great week that it was hard to leave, but at the same time I think we all were ready to be back home. I'm sure my mom was ready to have us out of her house because every time she turned around there were baby toys or messes everywhere! I guess that's part of being a grandma tho!

It was so wonderful to see everyone and we appreciate all the time we got to spend, the gifts and the wonderful food people prepared for us. We sure had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

The Past 6 Months

It's amazing that 6 months has gone by so quickly.... I walked (ok waddled) into the hospital looking like this:

And we walked out the luckiest people alive; parents to this sweet and precious boy.

just born

We couldn't ever imagine loving someone as much as we do...
1 month

As young as he is, he teaches us new things on a daily basis.
2 Months

His smile warms our hearts and makes us incredibly happy even on our not so great days..
3 Months

I cannot imagine life without this little guy.
4 months

We love to watch him grow and see him learn new things.
5 Months

It's hard to imagine that he's already 6 months old, but I'm really excited about what the future holds for us!

At 6 Months old, Anderson is 20.5 lbs and 25 3/4 inches. He's super healthy, enjoys eating his veggies and meats and is starting to enjoy finger foods. He's tolerating his car seat and stroller MUCH more lately and is THIS close to crawling! He has quite the personality and I'm sure will give us a run for our money pretty soon. He certainly is one loved little man!