Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Email from Mamna

I got this email last night from Mamna, telling me about the day that she and AJ had together. It made my heart smile, so I had to post it :)

His art work was great again and he is becoming the “most popular” kid in the class!!! Everyone wants to sit by him, and he’s the teacher’s pet as well – this kid really has personality, and he lets his creative juices go with his art. He’s the only one who completely does his own thing in class – and loves to share in front of the class. Also, he was so cute while cutting today – he was so careful when I was holding the paper and we didn’t even talk about “not cutting Mamna” – he just knew to be careful (he’s so smart!!).

I love this kid!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Anderson Farms 2010

What a FUN day!!! AJ and I headed back to Anderson Farms- something that will be an annual event, for sure- with the Pick and Zambrano families and it was absolutely awesome! I love how each year these things just get more and more fun because AJ gets older and can really enjoy himself. He went on barrel cars with Samantha, "drove" many tractors, fed goats, picked two pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, ran thru a maze, and just got to have fun being a two year old. On top of that, he got to hang with some of his favorite friends, Samantha and Joe, Ashlyn, Kellyn and Braylon.

Here are some pics:

All the kids!

 One of AJ's highlights!
Learning how to milk a cow... AJ said, "Mom...the cow pooped!" hah!

Going on the barrel cars with Sam and Ashlyn

Race cars!

Yet, another tractor

AJ and Sam...his BFF!

With Mama!

He's exhausted...

He has problems... :)

Playing with Riley

Here are two short videos from last night. AJ LOVES Riley (who's 10) and you can see why. He's such a wonderful friend!

We Have Entered the "WHY" Phase...

AJ: Where's Buster?
Mom: He's sleeping.
AJ: Why?
Mom: Because he's tired
AJ: Why?
Mom: Because it's early
AJ: Why?
Mom: Because the sun isn't even up yet- AJ, do you want milk??? (gotta change the subject)

Mom: AJ, we're going to the pumpkin patch today with friends today!
AJ: Why?
Mom: Because it'll be a lot of fun!
AJ: Why?
Mom: Ugh...

AJ: Mom- playdough, RIGHT NOW!
Mom: That isn't nice
AJ: Why?
Mom: Because thats not the way you ask
AJ: Why?
Mom: I'm not getting you the playdough untill you ask nicely
AJ: Playdough please mom

Mom: AJ, be careful with the scissors
AJ: Why?
Mom: Because I don't want you to hurt yourself
AJ: Why?
Mom: ....nothing, I just walked away.

AJ: Mama, whatcha doing?
Mom: Printing something
AJ: Why?
Mom: Honey!!!

Keep in mind, it's 7:45am and all of these conversations happened within the last hour.... It's going to be a long day :)