Saturday, February 16, 2013


What a day! I had originally thought to take AJ skiing on Monday since he's out of school for the holiday, but realized it would be really cold and snowing. So, we changed our plans around and went today. IT WAS AWESOME!

First of all, we woke up super early and were able to get out the door by 6:15. This has NEVER happened. The lifts open at 8:30 and because we got going so early we missed most of the traffic. We got to the lift around 8:45 after getting my skis. This was a huge help!

We realized that some friends would also be on the mountain so we made plans to see Tobin (who was working there), his kids (who were in lessons) and AJ's old babysitter/my friend Jamie and her kids. We even got to ski with Jamie and Sophie on 2 runs!

The best part of the day was that the LIGHT BULB finally went off in AJ's head and he figured out how to stop and turn by himself! I went there today with the intention of trying to teach him to ski, rather than me just holding onto his harness most of the way down as I have done in the past. I read some articles last night on how to teach kids; it seemed to help a bit. I really just had the thought that we would stay on the easy lift and do it a lot so he could get used to it.

We did that lift 4 times really quickly when we got there (getting there early = no lines!) and he did awesome! The first time he scared the heck out of me because he didn't know how to turn and just booked it straight down the mountain. Even though it's not a big mountain, he can gain some serious speed and one bad move and he'll hurt himself and hate skiing. Luckily I was able to catch him!

Then, we took the shuttle to the other side of the mountain where the bigger lifts are and we ran into our friends. Tobin was working at Subaru tent with hot chocolate, give aways and hand warmers, so we hung there for a bit. Then, we found Jamie and Sophie and decided to head up Chair 2. This is a LONG chair ride. Easily 15 mins. It gets cold because of course we go up so high and it's windy at the top! We did that 2 times and then headed back over to the other side for 2 more runs on Chair 7. This time I told AJ he was skiing alone. The whole day I tried to talk to him about how to turn and stop. We always talk "pizza" (slow) and "french fry" (fast) but he hasn't gotten it. So, today I told him to imagine the back of his skis were an alligators mouth and to keep it WIDE open. This totally helped him and that's how he learned to stop. I'm blown away by how much better he was today. I can see that soon he and I will be skiing together, rather than me behind him trying to help.

I am beyond proud. Once again!

About to take our first lift!

AJ and Sophie

Top of Chair 2. It was SOOO cold! (see the blowing snow?)

love him!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Mommy, I Love Loveland"

AJ and I have been LOVING ski season. I think we have been up together 5 or 6 times this year and it's only February! I hope we can get up a lot more. We went once with Matt and Jason, then we went last weekend with AJ's good friend, Riley and yesterday we went up with our good friends, The Murrells to celebrate Dax's 5th birthday. Each time we go AJ gets better and better.

It's A LOT of work to go skiing with a 4.5 year old, but it's totally worth it. Here's our routine: The night before I get us all packed. I pack food and drinks, and all our clothes (socks, gloves, helmet, ski clothes, jackets, hats, extra shirt, scarf, snow boots, Ipad, AJ's skis and ski boots and candy. We always bring candy.) AJ loves that the night before we ski he gets to sleep in his long underwear. I don't know why this so exciting, but I go with it :) That night I also go online and reserve my ski rental. I have learned that if I rent skis at a place just outside Loveland it's cheaper and quicker. (Yesterday when we picked up our skis the people recognized us- I loved it!)

I try to get AJ to bed early with the hope that he'll wake up at 6 so we can be out by 6:30, but that never seems to happen. He gets up around 6:30 and by the time I have breakfast for him, teeth brushed and the car packed it's 7. It really is too late to get out the door because traffic is awful! We're working on that...

So, we get on the road and the first hour or so is always easy. AJ plays his Ipad and we talk and I listen to music and we both try to wake up. Then we get to the I-70 and we pray that traffic isn't too bad. Last weekend with Riley it took us THREE HOURS to get there. There was some insane accident and we were going 5mph for over an hour.. Other times, like yesterday, we get there in less than 2 hours. You just never know. I will say that AJ has NEVER complained about the drive. He's happy hanging out with me and his Ipad. Usually the 2nd hour I turn up the music really loud and we rock out so it's fun. We're getting pumped to ski!

Then we get my skis and take a potty break if needed and we're off to the mountain. When we get there I drop the skis near the mountain and then park (less to carry!). Then I get AJ dressed in the car and we grab our stuff and go. We head to the locker room to get our boots on and get all warmed up. We go get our tickets (thankfully he is still free) and we grab our skis and head out! It is so much fun.

We have little jokes that we like tell. We say we will always laugh when we fall (which isn't always the case). We eat candy on the chairlift. He watches other people fall when we're on the lift and tells me about it. He likes to see what # chair we're on each time. I let him decide if we're going right or left off the lift.

We do 6-8 run typically, depending on the weather and what time we got there and then we head home by 2. I'm always worried that traffic will be bad coming home so I like to get an early start home. Also, by then we are exhausted.

Yesterday we were headed out the door and I asked him, "Are you excited to ski?" and he said, "Ya! Mommy, I love Loveland!" Makes me so incredibly happy that we get to do this together. I'm unbelievably proud of him!

Riley & AJ

Getting our skis

On the lift

Walking in to the resort

Ready to shred!

Love this guy!

I Love Loveland!

With Daxie and Skylar