Tuesday, September 27, 2011


First, I have to say that I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since my last entry! So much has happened and I have very little time to document any of it. And to be honest, I feel so far behind, I don't know how to get caught up! At some point, I will get you caught up- but for now, here's a few things from this past weekend.

AJ and I were lucky enough to spend 4 straight days together and we loved it! I worked some of the time, but on the weekend it was time for a lot of fun!

On Saturday, AJ and I went down to Colorado Springs visit our friends, Joy, Riley and Maddy. We all went to Happy Apple Farms in Penrose (about 45 mins south). I had been there before I had AJ and AJ and Jason went last year with friends. It's a lot of fun- apple picking, pumpkin patch, tractor rides, etc... This year, however, because of a late frost, they didn't have apples! It didn't matter tho- we still had a great time with our friends :)

Here are a few pictures:

In the car on the way to the farm, dancing :)

Check out our pumpkin!

He loves tractors! (and candy, of course:)

I LOVE the fact that Riley is 11 and AJ is 3 and yet, they are still such great buddies!

Checking out the farm....

I just love them both :)

Then, on Sunday, AJ and I went to the Colorado Railroad Museum for a "Day with Thomas". We did this last year for our first time and will continue to do this annually. We get to ride on Thomas the Train, visit the fireman and see their trucks, eat Kettle Corn, see Sir Topham Hat, and check out all the old trains at the museum. It was SO HOT and we weren't prepared, but it was a great time!

Here are pictures from this:

Riding on Thomas!

He held this fireman captive asking ALL KINDS of questions about the truck for about 10 minutes :)
Loving it!

In a nutshell- and I will give many more details soon- AJ is doing awesome. He's loving school and life seems to once again be more consistent. He's still in swim lessons and enjoying that. He's hilarious, smart, a great friend and just so much fun to be with.

I love my boy!