Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update on Us

Wow- I win the "Worst Blogger" award for the past month or so. Life has been so crazy hectic -still- and when I think about blogging, I'm either way overwhelmed with the amount of things I want to or should write or my lame Internet stops working and I give up. I feel like I can't keep up. I guess I have to forgive myself and do the best I can, right?
Anyway, we're doing fantastic! Life, while crazy busy and hectic, is back to having some sort of consistency. Love that.

AJ is really enjoying school- he still goes 4 days a week- and the teachers love him. He never fights going, and at times actually doesn't want to leave. He's learning SO MUCH! He can point out some letters, knows how to write his name (it's not always legible but I love that he tries), he has great friends there and I've noticed he plays so well with other kids now. He's polite, shares, talks about his friends, loves having "jobs" at school and likes his teachers a lot. He's really growing into such a wonderful young man. I couldn't be more proud of my guy.

We stopped swim lessons a few weeks back. AJ didn't get into the class because I waited too long to sign him up, and so I took that as a sign. With the holidays coming up and everything else in our lives, we all need a break. I think we'll sign him up for gymnastics in January. He's so coordinated and always on the move, so I think he'll do well.

I am doing great too- work is awesome. I love my boss and am really doing very well there. I work a lot of overtime when I can which means I don't get a lot of extra time to do my own stuff, but for now it's totally worth it. I'm very very VERY thankful the last 2 years are over and I'm starting fresh.

AJ and I are headed to California to hang with Pop, Grammy, Matt and Kristin for Thanksgiving and I'm so looking forward to getting away for a bit. We haven't been back to Cali for way too long.

Well, I guess that's it.... more to come later.

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween from Fireman AJ!

Love this guy!

AJ made a pumpkin for school. His pumpkin won "Best Eyes"

Good thing his mom is so creative huh? :)

Anderson Farms 2011

We made our annual trip to Anderson Farms a few weeks ago and once again had a great time! AJ and I went with Grandma and Papa and it was a perfect day! The weather was perfect, AJ was in a great mood and we just had such an enjoyable time. Here's some pictures:

Playing in the maize. He LOVED it again this year.

Sitting up on the big wagon with Papa

Feeding a 4 day old goat :)

All of us!

Barrel Train Rides!

Chillin out on some HUGE pumpkins!