Monday, December 19, 2011

3rd Annual Santa Party at Papa & Grandmas!

Yesterday was the 3rd Annual Santa Party at Grandma and Papa's house! It was another great time! As we hoped, Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived with toys for the kids. The house was extremely full of tons of family and friends and love. Here's a few pictures. 

Yes, AJ is wearing a Tim Tebow jersey.... You're welcome Jason :-)

3rd year on the VERY old rocking chair that my grandfather made... Not sure how many more years he's gonna be able to sit on it before he breaks it!

Singing Chrstimas songs with his buddy Daxie

Thanks Santa!

Christmas Sing Along 2011

Last week AJ had his first Christmas Sing Along at school. It was the cutest thing! I really didn't know much at all about what they had planned other than a few songs and cookies after. AJ still doesn't give a lot of details so when I asked what they had planned he gave his usual "I don't know?" answer. I did know that he's been learning more Christmas songs, but that's about it.

When I arrived at the school on Thursday a few minutes before the show, they had all the kids in the classroom and had construction paper over the window on the door so I couldn't see in. They had the parents go into the show room and wait... I was beyond excited about what was to come. I was partly nervous because I just wasn't sure how AJ would be coming into a room with a bunch of people watching him and the other kids. I wondered if he'd freeze or if he would turn it on.

All the kids came out in a long line and they sang about 6 songs while we all watched, snapped photos and clapped. AJ did amazingly well! I could tell he was a little startled with all the people watching, but he wasn't scared. He did great! It was more like he was confused. I'm convinced if they did a few more songs he'd be even more into it. He loved that Daddy, Papa and I were all there. He blew kisses, caught kisses and yelled "I love ya!" while the class was singing.

After their show, we all went into their classroom and ate cookies and had juice and took pictures. Then, Papa and I took AJ to get ice cream (can you say sugar high???)

It was just so awesome. I was so happy that AJ enjoyed himself and he was really proud.

Here's a video and some pics:

So proud!

Proud Daddy!

AJ and Papa!

We love this boy!

AJ and his lady love... Gianna:)