Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm hot, I'm tired....

And I want this baby out! Much as I've been TRYING to be patient (and we all know what a patient person I am) and I know there is NOTHING I can do to help move this along..I'm just so over it! Really- I'm over it today. I've got people calling me asking if he's born yet; people telling me about dreams they had that I went into labor and even my Starbucks girls saying "WHAT!? Nothing yet?" UGH

We had a nice day- started off doing some cleaning, then Jason and I went to a mall in Golden called Colorado Mills. We hadn't been there before so I was proud of us for trying something new. It was an ok mall, and there's a Yard House there- the only one in Colorado- so that was yummy (would have been better if I had a martini tho- hehe) We talked about "the kid" and all that stuff and had a nice time. Well, now it's 6pm and it's 90 degrees outside and hotter than hell in this house and I'm just uncomfortable... I just sit and think to myself "come on water- BREAK BREAK BREAK!" but nothing.... I want my body back, I want to stop wondering and thinking about what motherhood is going to be like- I just want to experience it damn it!

On another note, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the great dads out there! We don't really have plans tomorrow. I figure I'll make Jason a nice breakfast and he's got yard work to do (his choice not mine!)

Ok, enough of my complaining.... Back to trying to enjoy this nice weekend :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

39 Weeks...

It's official- I'm now 39 weeks pregnant. Only ONE WEEK left- unless of course he wants to be stubborn like his mom and stay in longer and drag this whole thing out. I tell ya, if he does that...He'd better be cute! :)

Had a good day today. I'm finding that if I keep myself busy during the day- it goes by faster and somehow I have more energy. Today I got my eyebrows waxed (much needed!) and then ran some errands. Then headed to the Cherry Creek mall to screw around. I figure it's good to walk and maybe it'll help get things moving? Regardless, I'm always happy at the mall- hah. The sad part is that there is nothing for me to buy. Lord knows AJ needs no more clothes, I can't fit into anything, don't need more maternity clothes, can't fit into any shoes but flip flops and don't need any more purses... Ah well, soon enough...

Came home and caught up on some gossip mags and then made Jason go on a LONG walk with me and the dogs. It's good for us all to get out. While on our walk we came across this nice gal who was walking with her stroller. She asked when I was due and I told her next week- she gave me a nice compliment saying I looked great- so nice to hear at this stage of the game. She also told us she'd just had her baby a week ago! I was SOOO inspired that a week after giving birth she was out walking and looked great! She had a tiny pooch but otherwise looked great! Even wearing shorts! I was so happy to see that this was a possibility for me. So many people laugh when I say I want to be out walking soon after AJ is born but I'm serious! And it obviously can be done. So, Mom bring your walking shoes when you come out in July!

Decided to hit downtown Castle Rock for dinner- I keep telling Jason that we need to go out as much as possible now as it wont be that easy pretty soon. Since dinner I've been getting the crap kicked outta me. AJ is all over the place- well, everywhere but in my arms! He's punching my bladder and kicking my ribs- all while laughing I'm sure :)

Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Massage Does Not Equal Labor...

I had a WONDERFUL prenatal massage this morning- could have been one of the most relaxing massages I've ever had- it helps to not be running late or have too much on my mind. I half hoped it might throw me into labor, but so far no such luck. That's OK tho. I came home and worked in the yard a bit and then did...well..nothing? Actually, that's not entirely true. I cleaned the kitchen floor and read some of my book- that's about it! Part of me is feeling bad for not doing anything while Jason works, but the other part of me keeps thinking "I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I'm still getting paid!" Something I'll have to get used to.

I booked my trip out to California today for September. It'll be AJ's first plane trip! I'm not terrified about that..yet... I'm sure it'll be quite the experience, but it'll be well worth it to see the Grandparents, family and good friends. I'll be in California from Sept 12-19th, but only in OC until the 16th- then up to see my Dad in Arroyo Grande.

We don't have much planned this weekend- actually we pretty much have no plans for the next few weeks. I'm sure we'll be seeing The Incredible Hulk- seeing as tho it's Fathers Day and I'm sure Jason will get to pick the movie. It's also my dad's 65th Birthday on Sunday and I so wish I could be there to help celebrate. Sadly I can't in my "condition". My hope is that AJ comes that day which would probably the best present! I'll see what I can do :)

Things I still need to do (or want to do) before AJ arrives:

Clean blinds
Finish the nursery- just some odds and ends
Put together the swing (I'm on #13 in the instructions and I'm so lost!- so it continues to sit in the living room in pieces)
Triple check hospital bag
Organize the garage (this may not happen..)
Get dogs stuff organized for Camp Bow Wow- they'll be spending a few days there once AJ arrives

9 Days!! (or less I hope!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 Days to go!

Wow- Ten days seems like nothing! I'll be a MOTHER in 10 days or less (less- hopefully)... For some reason that's just strange to me.

Anyway- the day started off rough. I woke up exhausted- guess it doesn't matter how much I sleep I'm still tired. Felt kinda sick as well and my body just ached. I had plans to scrapbook with a friend and wasn't sure I could make it. Then, I decided I needed to go because really how much work is scrap booking and if I didn't go I'd just sit around here all day and the day would be that much longer. I'm glad I went cause I got a lot done (baby showers, belly pics, etc..) and had a really nice time. I am feeling better too! Perhaps it's mind over matter.

Tomorrow I have a prenatal massage- I've heard that can help induce labor. I figure the worst thing that could happen is that I don't go into labor but I've still had a nice massage!

Starting to think about planning my trip out to California in September. The prices are so good and I'm looking forward to bringing AJ out with me. Not so much looking forward to packing, getting my luggage and a baby into the airport or having a 3 month old on the plane- but excited about everything else. I'll keep everyone posted on dates once it's booked. Looking at the 12-19th so far....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

38 Week Appt and...

No change... UGH! I REALLY thought we might get some good news today! After how I was feeling last week I really thought I'd at least be dilated or get some good news- but nothing. I think I am contracting a little more these days, but not enough to get anything started.

I did talk to the doctor about induction. She said that if nothing is still happening next Tuesday at my appt that we'll get an induction "on the books" but it still wont be scheduled until a week or so after my due date. So that puts me at like..the 27th! UGH! Seems like a LONG ways away. We talked about the process of induction and how long it can take and it's certainly not my first choice in getting this baby out, because it can take such a long time- but we'll do it if we need to.

Oh well- the good news is that I'm healthy, AJ is healthy, I'm not gaining weight (YEAH!), I'm not working and... well, it's not snowing! hahah

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Put a fork in me....

I'm done...

Well, it's official- I can now have this child. Jason is home from his fishing weekend and the baseboards are clean (hahah! My one big goal) and so I'm officially ready to have the baby. Sure, there are more things on my to do list, but they aren't completely necessary. Having my husband home and clean baseboards (why, I don't know) were necessary....

I've been warned MANY times that I don't even know the meaning of tired yet, but let me tell you- I AM TIRED!!! I don't sleep well anymore- haven't in a long time- and it just hurts to breathe! If you know me at all, you know that I wash my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY- sometimes twice...Well, the thought of blow drying my hair today was just too much and I didn't wash it today! That should tell you something...

I did manage to walk the dogs today, finish cleaning the closet, vacuum, wash the sheets and comforter (and put them back on!- ha) but I did take a 2 hour snooze as well. It's now 7pm and it feels like bed time...

OK, enough complaining- Jason had a great guys weekend- much needed and well deserved for sure. He got home around 5 and we went to Rockyard for dinner. Decided it could be our last dinner out for a while so what the heck?

I've got plans all week- scrap booking, movies, dinner with friends and a massage on Thursday. Should be a fun week NOT WORKING! yah!!!