Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some Adult Time

After a month of baby, baby, baby, we were lucky enough to get a night out with friends last night. It was our friend Holly's birthday and so we went to The Melting Pot with Holly & Joel and our other great friends Heather & Domenic. We planned to have Heathers mom, Ruby watch all 5 of the kids including Anderson. We all trust Ruby to the fullest and have known her for years. She's watched all the kids before, with the exception of Anderson, obviously.

I was a little concerned about leaving Anderson- not because of Ruby; we trust her 100%, but I just hoped he would take the bottle (still perfecting that) and not scream all night long. I also knew we'd be gone for 3-4 hours so I would have to time feeding/pumping.

We got to the Melting Pot around 7pm and had our own room where we enjoyed 4 courses of fantastic fondue and many rounds of drinks. The girls all got dressed up- like we always do and we just all talked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves as usual. Dinner finally ended around 11- it was a long night for me as I've been hitting the sack around 8:30pm lately- and we headed back to Heather & Domenics and found out that all the kids were wonderful! Anderson took the bottle with no problems and was all around really good. I was SO proud and SO thankful! I was also thrilled to see him as I missed him terribly! It was great to be able to get out, but it was so good to be back with him and just hold and smell him.

It was yet another REALLY great night with our BEST Friends! Happy Birthday Holly!

Hollys Bday

Friday, July 25, 2008

They Fit! They Fit!!!

I prepared myself when I went to try on my jeans- telling myself that it's OK if they don't fit; that I was only trying to gage how much longer I had until they did. I mean, I just had a baby 4 weeks ago! But.... THEY FIT! THEY FIT!!! I was (still am) ecstatic! Truth be told, they are a little tight- but they were a little tight before I got pregnant too, so they fit just like they did. Now, I will continue on Weight Watchers and they'll fit even better (or better yet, I'll have to buy a smaller size)- YIPPEE! It's a GREAT DAY!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nursing Class

Today I decided I need to go to the nursing class that is offered weekly at the hospital. Anderson is eating a lot, but he's eating WAY too often and falling asleep each time which means I get NO sleep (as stated in many previous postings). They ask you to bring a hungry baby so they can watch you nurse, weigh them prior to feeding and after (to see how much they eat at one feeding) and wouldn't you know it; he slept almost the ENTIRE time! I figured he's always hungry so he would be then, but not so much.

The class was really helpful though as the one minute (literally) he was awake and eating, Anderson actually ate an entire ounce. Doesn't sound like much, but one ounce in one minute was huge! What that told the lactation consultant is that he's a great eater, but just a snacker. This means he's not getting the "fatty" milk, only the "carb" type milk. She explained to me like this: If I ate only carbohydrates I would be hungry more often, rather than if I mixed it up with fat and protien.

So what does this mean? This probably means more sleepless nights and a very upset kid, because she told me that I should only feed him every 2 hours. No more letting him feed for 5 minutes every 45 minutes. He's putting me on a schedule when it should be the other way around. I tried it once already and wouldn't you know it I was in Macy's when he FLIPPED out. (WHY does he hate that store so much???- oh, and the reason that I seem to be there so often is because I never get to look around!) He had to wait another 30 minutes to eat and eventually cried himself to sleep while waiting. It was HARD to do, but not as hard as I thought. I know that he can eat a lot, and felt that I had the support of the lactation consultant and I am DETERMINED to get some sleep! I know now that I am not starving him.

I also learned that Anderson now weighs in at a WHOPPING 10 pounds, 10 ounces! I cannot believe how fast he is growing! There were probably 20 new moms at the class today and they all had this tiny babies and AJ looked HUGE! Granted, he was a few weeks older than most, but still! I can't believe he was ever that small!

A quick update on Weight Watchers- I am THRILLED to say that I am currently ONE POUND away from my pre-prego weight. YA!!! Clothes still don't fit, but heck- I care about the number! hahah- I have been eating a lot less crap, and many more salads and really watching my snacking. It seems to be workin!

Off to feed, my 2 hours is up!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

His FIRST piece of mail :)

Anderson got his first piece of mail today- His Social Security Card! Congrats!

Time to start some new things...

I've decided we need to make a few adjustments with Anderson in order to eventually get him sleeping thru the night and not in my bed. I'm also working towards leaving him with a babysitter at some point so we need to get him used to a bottle.

I figured why not start him napping a few times a day in his crib! He's never even seen it until today. So I fed him and then put him in (he looks so small in there!) and he was asleep in it for a few minutes while I showered- but woke himself up and was SCREAMING. I got him out and then tried again for his next nap. This time he was probably in there for 30 minutes or so. It's a start!

The next thing we need to do is getting him used to taking a bottle. We originally had Avent bottles, but Anderson has never been a big fan of them. He was taking a bottle from my mom while she was here, but then really hasn't like them since. So, yesterday I went and bought 4 different types of bottles ( I am amazed at how many there are to choose from!) I decided he's going to do one bottle during the day and one at night. We started out using the Playtex Drop In's and so far that's the one he'll take... To be continued I'm sure.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Story Time

I was sitting in the nursery this morning feeding Anderson and figured now was a good time to start reading to the little guy. So, I decided to pick up Love You Forever from his bookshelf. It was so sweet; I was reading, he was looking up at me- like we had a connection. I loved it!

So, I get a few pages in and I'm reading "I'll love you forever" and all the sudden pppfffft!!! A HUGE fart comes from this little body laying on me! I like to think he was saying he'll love me forever too :) I continue on reading and a few more pages in "As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be" BELCH!!! Yes, at that point, he gave me a nice burp.. He obviously loves me so much :) I couldn't help but just laugh and laugh. What a nice way to start the morning.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weight Watchers


I decided today to join Weight Watchers. The reason is that I've lost all but 2 pounds of my baby weight, but the last few pounds isn't coming off. It could be that I can eat a whole box of Graham Crackers or Wheat Thins in one sitting- I don't know? Not to mention my clothes do NOT fit like they used to. I'm wearing clothes 2 sizes bigge- not happy about that! So, I've officially joined their online program (no meetings for me) I know 2 lbs isn't anything, but I actually want to lose about 15lbs total. The great thing is I can eat a TON of points since I'm nursing! YA ME! And once I lose the weight, I am gonna SHOP TILL I DROP!

The reason I'm even writing this is that I think if everyone who reads my blog knows about it, I may get people asking me how it's going, which in turn will motivate me. Unless I quit and then I'll be pissed that people are still asking :) hahha! I'm delirious, can ya tell?

Last night was rough...

I was sitting on Anderson's rocker last night (or early this morning- who knows?) trying to feed him while he was completely fussy, thinking about this blog. Why you ask? Cause what else is there to do? All I wanted to do was sleep, but that wasn't happening. Here's a recap of my night (as closely as I can remember, because once again I've lost my mind)

9pm- I leave a sleeping baby with Jason who's watching TV with his dad, so I can get some sleep

10:30- Jason comes up to bed with Anderson who's not taking his bottle (this has become a nightly routine) and needs to be fed again. Keep in mind I'm in a nice deep sleep so I'm not thrilled by this, but I understand

11pm- I put AJ into his bassinet- he's sleeping finally

1am- Fussy baby- Mommy wakes up, Jason is sound asleep

1:30am- But AJ back in bassinet

1:35am- Get AJ out of bassinet and bring him to bed as he's too fussy to listen to and I THINK this may get me some sleep

3am- Anderson wakes up again- can he seriously eat this much??? Then he goes back to sleep in my bed

4:15am- He's awake AGAIN! Not only is he awake, he's grunting, making loud noises (always seems so much louder at this hour). I take him to the nursery, change him, feed him on the rocker (feels like I'm feeding a Hoover Vacuum!), then take him to my bed again. He starts kicking me in my stomach, punching me in the face, scratching my chest with his LONG ASS nails (I swear I cut them every 2 days- I need to file them tho) and I'm about to freak out. Then he pukes all down my shirt into my bra and as I'm cleaning it up, Harley comes into the nursery and pukes on the carpet! WTH??? So, I take the baby downstairs thinking he may like his bouncy- nope- didn't like that at all.

5:15am- I put him in his bassinet- I let him cry cause I can't deal with it anymore. I HOPE it wakes Jason up- BINGO- it does! I tell Jason "I can't do it anymore right now" so he gets up with AJ and takes him out of the room. I finally fall asleep listening to him cry in the other room with Jason.

6:30- I hear him crying in the bassinet. I'm up for the day.

It's a REALLY good thing he is cute! :)