Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zoo Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Today, AJ and I went to the Denver Zoo- we love this place! It's big enough, but not TOO big. They've got great animals and a train and carousel. And it's not too far away either. The weather was perfect- sunny and mid-60's.

We got to see 2 polar bears. One was having a great time swimming and playing with his toys.

And he rode the carousel...twice!

He loved it!

And then, ice cream.. lucky boy!

It was a lot of fun :)

Grandmas Birthday

Last week we celebrated Grandmas birthday! It was on Monday, the regular day that she watches AJ, so she took him to Boulder- her favorite place. They were there for hours and AJ got to play at the park, climb on all the toys and have a great, fun filled day with Grandma :)

 Someone isn't into taking pictures these days...
I am 99% sure he's saying, "Don't take my picture!"

Unless of course, you give him ice cream...
He helped Papa bring out Grandmas birthday cake!

And he sang :)
Us 3 :)

Chocolate kisses!