Sunday, September 11, 2011

DEEEEEEP breath...

Wow- this past 2 months or so have been CRAZY hectic. So crazy that I've barely had any time to post more than a few pictures. There's been so much going on and finally things seem to be slowing down a bit- a good thing for everyone.

I know I have a ton of stories to share about the past few months, but at this point I can't remember them all.

In the past few months, I've lost one job, gained 2 jobs, quit one of those, and am back down to 1 job that I love and am doing really well at. I went almost a month seeing AJ A LOT less than I'd like (3 nights a week instead of 4 or more a week). I wasn't able to concentrate when I had him because I was just too stressed out. It makes me so sad to admit that, but it's true. When I think about it- I thought my life was hectic and I have some control over my life. AJ being 3 years old, does not. If I thought my life was chaotic, I can only imagine what he was thinking or feeling.

So, that all being said, life is on it's way back to be "normal" and fun for all of us. AJ is doing GREAT in school. He really likes his teachers and seems really engaged when he's there. He sits for circle time, does crafts, and is always learning something new. He's polite, kind and makes friends easily. The other day I looked in his folder and noticed he had a birthday party invitation in there for a little boy I'd never heard of. This is so new to me! I asked him if he knew of Blaine- he told me no. But, I decided that even if this invitation was one that went to the entire class, we were still going to go. It's a great way to meet the kids and the parents of the kids in his class and he gets to have a fun time at the party. One of my friends who has older kids said this is totally normal and to go because this is the time when I start meeting the kids who will be in class with AJ as he continues to grow up.

Now that my life has settled down and I'm working my one job at Dish Network with my regular 8-4:30pm Monday thru Friday schedule, we can get back to our more consistent schedule with Jason and I. For a while there AJ was with Jason a lot more- which wasn't a bad thing at all- but made me miss my boy terribly. It threw AJ off to because it was a constant shuffle back and forth to Mommy's and Daddy's house- it was confusing and stressful for him, I'm sure.

In the past few weeks AJ and I have gone to the zoo with some friends, gone to a BBQ, hung out at the house and just played toys and watched movies. Yesterday we went to Tiny Town- an actual tiny town with a railroad around it that we could ride on. We went there last year too and had a blast! I love that we're back to just doing fun, relaxing things. The stress level has gone down considerably.

AJ and Daxie at the Denver Zoo

Ice Cream..YUM!

Tiny Town Railroad!

Play time :)

Train ride with Mommy!

Tomorrow starts swim lessons again. I'm really excited to get back into that routine. AJ just did so well and was so proud of himself when he did then this summer. It made me so proud to see  :) I just hope he gets his favorite teacher, Miss Kayla again!

I know this post is all over the place. I'm just feeling a huge sense of relief and gratitude and excitement about the future with my boy :)