Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Pictures

I got him a new costume :)

Sitting out on our (tiny) patio having dinner

3 1/2 year old boys legs.. OUCH! (by the way, they don't hurt him or bother him a bit!)

Surfing off some sugar after frozen yogurt!

Now that AJ goes to school 5 days a week, we pack his lunch on Fridays. It's fun :)

Swimming May 2012

AJ is still doing swim lessons and it's been very hit or miss. You really never know if he's going to be amazing and brave or hate it and cry for 30 minutes. This past week, he cried for 30 minutes BEFORE class- saying he didn't want to go and that he was scared (which he certainly wasn't) but when we got there, he did amazingly well. Here's a short video of him jumping in. I'm VERY proud!

Preschool Spring Program 2012

AJ had his Spring Program last week and it was awesome! He seemed much more focused and into it this time around. He loved that Jason and I were in the crowd and at times seemed to show off a bit :) Soooo proud of him! Here's basically the whole thing broken into a few videos. Keep in mind when watching that I found myself watching him, rather than the video and therefore some of this is kinda messy.

The Entrance

Spring Program

Take Me Home, Country Road

Pete The Cat

Sunday, May 20, 2012

AJ,  Grandma and Papa! May 2012