Monday, December 6, 2010

He Says the Funniest Things!

Here’s a few examples of some hilarious things AJ says and does:
Yesterday, he and I stopped to look at the horses near our house. We got out of the car and walked over to them. We were very close to them, but not quite close enough to touch them (This was a good thing because AJ gets scared if we are too close) He walked over to one of the horses and said (without ANY prompting), “Hi Horsey. My name AJ!” lol! I actually had a tear in my eye because I thought this was sooo incredibly sweet. Later in the day, when he saw an inflatable Santa, he did the exact same thing. “Hi Santa. My name AJ”

When you ask AJ a question- What do you want for lunch? What did you dream about? Do you want juice or milk? His answer is, “Uhhh, na sure….” Hahah! He’s just a character!

Last night my mom wasn’t feeling well and AJ must have heard us talking about it. He went up to her and said “Gramma, what you feeling?” He’s the SWEETEST!