Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I did it. I did something I told myself I'd never do. See these shoes in the picture below? They are Star Wars shoes. And the LIGHT UP! I am the mom who was NEVER going to buy these. Honestly, I see kids with light up shoes and I always think they are ridiculous. I'm all about my kid being into some kind of movie or action figure and I'm even cool with him having shirts with those things on it. But light up shoes? No way!

Then, AJ and I happened upon Stride Rite last weekend. I planned to get him a new pair of cute shoes.  You know, something that is brown or blue and has a few stripes. Normal, basic, no nonsense shoes. And as we were making our way to the back of the store where those shoes are, AJ found these... He fell in love. He HAD to have them. Not in a whining, tantrum way. More of a "Mom, these are the coolest things EVER, can I please have them?" kind of way.

I hoped that they didn't come in his size. I hoped he'd try them on and realize they weren't that cool. But when he tried them on, he was SO SO HAPPY! He stomped and jumped around the store so the lights would go on. He told me how cool they were and how much he loves Star Wars.  He walked around the store wearing them, looking in the mirror at them, telling me about how excited he was to show these to Daddy, Papa and the kids at school. How could I resist?

Seeing AJ happy in these horrible shoes made me realize why Moms buy them. And it turns out, the shoes are growing on me :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Santa Picture!

We saw Santa today! It was super fun. We had to wait over an hour to see him, but thankfully it was a really nice day and waiting outside wasn't a big problem. AJ has been talking about what he's going to ask for from Santa for a while now. Here's his list:

1. A bug maker - he saw this in the Toys R Us catalog weeks ago and it's all he talks about. Problem is it's for 8 year olds and the reviews on Amazon are terrible
2. A cookie monster game - never seen it, no clue where he got that idea?
3. Trash truck -even tho he's got about 5 already

He made sure to tell Santa all of these things. :)