Monday, April 22, 2013

1st Camping Trip of 2013!

I find it quite hilarious that a week ago we were ending our ski season and now we're on to camping :) We don't really stop, right? But it's all so fun!
Jason and AJ did A TON of camping last year... and this year I get to join them on some of their adventures. In fact, looking at the calendar this year, there are TWELVE camping trips planned..Most of them are local and just 2 days, but we are going to Yellowstone for a week in July and to Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming in late July (can't wait for those two trips!)
This past weekend was really a last minute trip Jason planned- to get his trailer all dialed in for the season. Let me tell you- this is the way to camp!
Loading up!

An hour later, we had arrived. It was a beautiful campsite and very close to civilization. In fact, the other view with the highway. Not close enough to hear, but you could see it.

I brought all kinds of things to do. AJ and I love to play Connect Four. I'm trying to teach him to really think about the moves he makes. I have fantastic memories of playing this with my brother growing up. I sent this pic to Matt and told him AJ was red.. His response "Pretty sneaky sis!" lol!

Here's my boy eating these delicious cherry ricotta muffins I made :)

Here we are Saturday morning. Jason was making us eggs and bacon and we were playing around having fun :) Surprisingly, we had great weather! It's snowed most of last week and again today but this weekend was nice! We were able to be in jeans and t-shirts during the day. Made a fire and had jackets at night.

We went for a (very) short hike :)

And sat around telling stories. It was Jason's turn to tell stories about his family.  He told AJ about his grandpa and how we got his name, Anderson after his grandpa

Of course we had a fire ;)

And we played with chalk. AJ had each of us lay down and he drew our bodies and then colored in our hearts :)

And then this.. S'mores :)

Yes, he took a shower that night ;)

More drawing before heading home. It was such a fun weekend as a family :)
One more thing to add.. We watched Life of Pi on Friday night and all weekend we were calling each other "Richard Parker" and cracking up. If you don't know what I mean, rent the movie :)