Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Photos

I may have posted this one already.... Anyway, AJ and I LOVE going to Smart Cow for frozen yogurt!

At Home Depot building his Penske Truck

Silly face time at Noodles & Co for dinner

Tough to get a good picture of him at his first time bowling. They had the lights out and music blaring! But he had a wonderful time!

With his buddy Jack

This picture is terrible, but you have to just appreciate the outfit.. Fireman rainboots and his shark robe.. Headed to the pool for an evening swim :)

Striking a pose with Daxie at the pool

Another day, another Smart Cow adventure :)

Uncle Matt & Auntie Kristin got AJ this awesome Razor scooter for his birthday! He was THRILLED! He's pretty good too! We'll keep working on it :)

Couldn't resist a snooze picture... In my bed, of course!

Healthy vs. Unhealthy

I love my kid. Really- I love him SO much. He's so darn smart!

He has heard the words healthy and unhealthy for while. He knows that mommy likes (or liked) to run because it's fun and it's healthy. We have talked a little about my new way of eating healthy food, but haven't really sat down to discuss it in detail.

Today, when we were at the grocery store, he noticed these terribly over processed, packaged blueberry muffins and wanted them. I told him no, we weren't buying them, and asked if he wanted to go home and make muffins? If he wanted to, I'd be happy to do that and he could even bring them to school tomorrow. He was all over it and loved the idea. I was thrilled when after I pulled up a "healthy muffin" recipe on my phone, I found out I had all but one ingredient at our home. I thought he wanted blueberry muffins, but he insisted on chocolate chip. Ok, no problem. We can do this AJ! We got chocolate chips and mini muffin cups and were on our way.

When we got home, I pulled up the recipe for Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip muffins and he was totally involved in making them. He put the cups in the muffin pan, he helped measure everything- while talking about this "ingredient" and how many "teaspoons of vanilla" we needed. I loved it! I get such a kick out of him knowing about wet and dry ingredients and how salt really doesn't taste good unless it's with something else. He's so darn smart!

He was even really into filling up the muffin cups (I think because he knew he could lick his fingers at the end and the more he filled, the more would be on his fingers). We baked them and each had one for dessert. I have to say, they are GOOD! Whole wheat flour, butter, vanilla, baking powder, egg, chocolate chips- not all healthy, but all real :)

Here's my sweet, proud boy :

After we had dinner and made muffins it was time for a bath. He was playing and making his "soap soup" and "tea" or "coffee" in the bath and he mentioned his coffee was "healthy". That made me wonder... Did he really know what "healthy" meant? So, I came up with this game. I would say three things and he would tell me which one of the three was or wasn't healthy. For example, candy, broccoli and grapes. Or, Popsicles, chicken and apples. We did this probably 10 times. I asked him to pick the one healthy thing and the one unhealthy thing. He got it right EVERY SINGLE TIME! I was beyond thrilled! Yes, he doesn't always EAT the healthy thing, but he gets it. He knows what is most healthy things are. I am so proud!!

By the way- I bought a pineapple yesterday and cut it up today and this child can't get enough! And this was after he was chomping on an apple as we were grocery shopping. Loving this!