Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 14 Months!


When AJ was just a little baby he used to love when I read to him. I would talk in high and low voices and he would smile and giggle and really enjoy himself. Then, he got to the age where he would grab the book and eat it- making it nearly impossible to read. I'm happy to report that we're back at the stage where he LOVES to read! He will bring me books and plop in my lap and want to look thru the books, turn the pages and point things out. It's really been nice because he likes to learn about the different animals on the pages. Plus, I LOVE that he likes to sit ON me while we read- and he's usually holding my hand or leg at the same time. He's such a lover!

Here's a short clip of him "reading" and as you can see, at the end he brings the book to me to read to him. So fun!

Thank you Oma for this great book! It's his favorite :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yes folks, today AJ said "Please" when he wanted a cracker! It was great! And so cute! Sounded more like "eshhh" but it meant "please". I am trying to get him to say it more, but it's something we'll have to work on- probably for a LONG time!

Where is the Sky?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here's an update on everything that is happening with us these days:

* Today, AJ got his first real black eye. Poor thing! He likes to push around this little train in the kitchen and it's so small that he often pushes it too fast and everything goes flying. He typically doesn't hurt himself when this happens....Except for today. He was pushing it and it flew up and it him in the eye. I thought it hit him in the mouth because once he did it he screamed and put his hands in his mouth- but then once he stopped crying I could see that his cheek and eye were all red and swollen. Now, his eye is bruised and blue. Surprisingly, he didn't cry too long and was back to playing really quickly.

* HE TALKS ALL THE TIME! He's always saying something that we think is "whats that?" Today we went to Costco and I swear he didn't shut up the entire time. It's so cute, but sometimes a little peace and quiet would be ok :)

* He now knows that a dog says "uh uh" (his version of woof woof) and a cow says "uuuuuuhhhh" (his version of moooo)

* Oh my gosh is AJ a character. He cracks himself up ALL the time. He will look up in the sky and say "ohhhhhhh" and then look at us and get this wonderful giggle from deep within. I'm trying to get it on video...

* He is QUICK! When we open the cupboard, the refrigerator, the backdoor or the laundry room door he BOLTS so he can get in there. And once he's in, he's NOT happy when we have to get him out.

* Tomorrow is the last day of my first class since being back to school. 5 weeks went by FAST! I think I will end up with a B+ in the class. I am a little mad at myself because I spaced and missed a paper in week 4 so that took me from an A, but I am ok with a B+.

* Jason has been working REALLY REALLY hard on this one particular deal at work for months. It's a 5 million dollar deal! He got word the other day that he WON the deal! It's the biggest, by far, that he's closed! He's very relieved and proud of himself and we're super proud of him too!