Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super Fun Kid Weekend!

We had a really great kid weekend! What started out to be a low key weekend without many plans, turned into a ton of fun for AJ, Jason and I.
On Friday morning, I woke up early and couldn't sleep and was just thinking about the weekend. I thought it would be fun to take AJ to Chuck E Cheese that night- something a little different and fun. So, I asked a bunch of parents from AJ's school if they wanted to bring their kids along. It ended up that only his good buddy Kelan and his mom, Juliana could make it. It was great! Juliana and I are getting to know each other better so we just chatted the night away while the boys played and won tickets :) It was super fun!
Saturday, I had planned to just get stuff done. Grocery shop, car wash, etc.. We woke up early (thank you AJ) and watched movies in bed for a while. Then, I decided to make some banana bread. I love that AJ wanted to help!
Making YUMMY Banana Bread!

 While we were out and about running errands I noticed the my good friend Heather was also in Castle Rock for her daughters soccer game. I texted her real quick to see where she was and AJ and drove over to hang out. He and Braylon played while we watched the game. Turns out the game was at AJ's soon to be kindergarten! It was really neat to be hanging out at his new school :)
Braylon and AJ
 Saturday night, the three of us headed down to Colorado Springs to celebrate our GREAT friend Maddy's 10the birthday! Maddy is truly one of the sweetest kids I know. I trust her 100% with AJ and she's such a great little mother to him. He loves her and even though they have a huge age difference, they have a blast together!
AJ and Maddy


AJ won this HUGE Ape! He calls him "Grape Ape" hah!
 On Sunday, the three of us went back down to the Springs and met up with Heather and family again. We went to this awesome park called Fox Run Park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We packed a lunch, let the kids play, blow bubbles and even had a family football game! It was so fun! Since they are a family of 5, we recruited Braylon (who is 3) to come on our team. It was the cutest thing!
Silly faces!

Check out the background! I love this state!
Talking strategy :)