Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mowing The Lawn

When I started to think about this post, I realized how funny it actually would sound... I'm 34 and don't remember ever mowing the lawn. AJ, however, is almost 2 and has mowed a few lawns in his short little life:)

The greatness of Spring has brought some rain and the need to turn on the sprinklers and therefore the grass is growing. Obviously, that means it needs to be cut. I finally decided it was time to LEARN how to cut it.

I can honestly say it's been something I've thought of and worried about for several weeks. Do I hire someone? Do I ask a friend? Do I actually figure out HOW to do it? Can it really be that hard??? I knew that AJ would get a total kick out of watching me use the "WATOOTOO". So, with that in mind, I decided to learn- and I was right...It wasn't hard at all! (I did start out wearing a skirt and decided that capri jeans and flip flops were more appropriate:)

I figured that I would start with the front yard while AJ was napping. This way, I could get a handle on things and not have to worry about him running into the street or making sure he didn't hurt himself in the garage. So, while he was napping I got the lawn mower out of hiding and tried to start it. I tried...and tried....and tried... My neighbor Kena (who's all of 5 feet, 90lbs) came over to try to help me too. It was HILARIOUS! As we pulled the starter (I'm sure thats not really what it's called, but go with it) it felt like it was going to start, but it never did. Yes, it had gas. Yes, I pushed the little red button a few times as instructed. But nothing... So, thankfully, my neighbor Guido came over  to help me with the first start of the season. Once he did that, things were much easier!

I was able to get the front yard done while AJ was sleeping which was good practice. Our front yard isn't flat so it was a bit of a challenge and doesn't look all that great, but I was ok with it.

After AJ woke up, I decided to do the backyard. I thought he'd stand on the deck and watch me, but he jumped right in and wanted to help! As I was walking back and forth, mowing the lawn, AJ was either laughing hysterically or playing in the planter or at times he just walked up and started to push the mower with me (Thank you POP for teaching him this!) He thought it was awesome and talked about Mama and the WATOOTOO all night long :) I couldn't help but laugh each time I thought about it. I was so excited by this whole thing that I decided to bring out the trimmer and do the backyard. AJ called it the "baby watootoo" which was pretty cute.

I was pretty proud of myself today- even if it was just cutting grass :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mama's Birthday

I had a great birthday weekend! Lots of celebration with friends and family :)

On Saturday, AJ and I spent the morning doing finger painting. It's always messy and always fun! He decided to pretty much paint his entire body and by the time we were done, we both had blue/green hair!

Then, we played with AJ's remote control car. He got it from Grammy & Pop for Christmas and the batteries have been dead for a while. I finally put some new ones in.

Later that night, I got to spend some quality time with my best girlfriends. We got manicures and pedicures, went to a great dinner, and then came home and ate YUMMY cupcakes! It was just what I needed :)

Sunday AJ & I headed to Mamna and Papa's house. We took the dogs for a long walk, went to the park and then went back to the house and ate a great meal my mom cooked.

It was a great weekend!