Saturday, August 8, 2009

Douglas County Fair

This morning we went to the Douglas County Fair. It was super fun! We also went last year. AJ had so much fun today; he got to play with friends, run around in the grass and really enjoyed seeing the horses, big trucks and other people.

This year...

Last year...what a difference!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He Is So Funny!

AJ is the funniest kid. Every day, he does new things and most of the time I'm not sure how he learns them! Here are some examples:

* He has started walking around in circles and then falling over from dizziness. Hahha! It's hilarious! And he cracks himself up the entire time he does it.

* When Buster is in the house, we take his collar off because it can be loud when he shakes his head. So, when we are about to go on a walk, I put Busters collar back on. Well, Busters collar has become a toy for AJ and he's learned that the collar goes on Buster- he's just not entirely sure how to get it around his neck. So, this is what he does with it:

* AJ has been pushing his little car around the house for a long time now and he's just now learning to pull it and walk backwards with it. I just love how he does all these things while laughing. It's like he knows he putting on a show for me.

* HE LOVES PILLOWS...especially Busters disgusting dog bed pillow. He will run up to it, stop just before it and THROW himself on it. He'll "love it" and then get up and do it again. Funniest ever! Now, I put pillows on the floor and he'll do that over and over.

* He gives hugs and EVERYTHING! Today, we were at the pool and I brought him this little soft ball for him to play with. Well, I watched him put it on the cement and then he got down on his hands and knees and put his cheek down on the ball to give it "hugs and kisses".

* When AJ gives hugs and kisses, he puts his arms really tight around my neck and then pats my back. It's pure heaven...I try to stay in that moment as LONG as I can because it's just the very best feeling.

He's such a character! I LOVE HIM!

Monday, August 3, 2009

AJ's ONE YEAR Pictures

And this is what Mommy had to do to get him to smile! :)

He Loves Buster!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Playing outside

Here's a few minutes of AJ playing outside. He sure loves being out there!