Friday, March 26, 2010

New Fun Things!

Here are a few new fun things that AJ is doing:

* I taught AJ "Ring Around The Rosie" yesterday and it's his FAVORITE thing to do. He cracks up when we do it. And when we start, we do it 10+ times because each time "we all fall down" he quickly grabs my hands and says "please!" which means, "Mom, please get up so we can do it again!" He's fun:)

* AJ has started enjoying watching ME do things that he would typically do. He's got this little ride on giraffe that as you pedal, it plays songs and he can learn about animals. Well, he's been playing with it for months, but he's just starting to get how to pedal. Today, he asked ME to sit on it... He was DYING laughing when I sat on it (and of course I'm WAY too big for this and if I actually sat on it, I'd break it). So, now he goes over to it and hits the seat while saying "Mama!"

* His new favorite cartoon is Winnie The Pooh. He walks around saying "Pooh!". It's a ton of fun trying to figure out if he needs to poo, has already pooed, or if he wants to watch Pooh....

* He ate marshmallows today for the first time at Bop Pa's. I really didn't think that he'd like the texture, but of course he LOVED them! However, we went to a birthday party this afternoon and I was going to let him have birthday cake- something he really never eats... He wouldn't even try it!

* While AJ is still completely into trains, he's starting to really love airplanes and trucks...ANY kind of truck... Trash truck, cement truck, fire truck, dump truck... Oh, and he loves the snow blower... When he sees on he just blows with his lips- so cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Am Exhausted....

AJ is getting to an age where he's just become a real handful. He's a TON of fun most of the time, but he's also just a real challenge other times.

I just don't get the hitting- It's really driving me bonkers! I don't know why he's hitting- I don't hit people. Jason doesn't hit people. It's not something we have taught him. I know that many times kids hit because they don't know how else to express himself, but he's really making me question my parenting skills.

Today we went to the Childrens Museum to play for a bit. I forgot it's Spring Break- that was my first mistake. The place was PACKED! TOO MANY kids. Add to that the fact that AJ hit almost every kid that he came close enough to. Or pushed them. AND he's started pushing him with his hips too! What is going on here?! I literally could not turn my back away for one second, and I had to stand RIGHT next to him so that I could catch his hand mid-swing.

When he does hit- and this isn't an every day occurrance- I of course scold him, tell him no and try to move him in another direction- but he doesn't get it. And now I dread him being around other kids because I just feel like the worst mother ever!

I am exhausted.... Being up at 5:30am two days in a row doesn't help.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Storm!

Last night, we got a HUGE Spring storm. It was all over the news that it was coming, but I didn't really believe it. The weather guys on TV always get it wrong and it was 65 degrees yesterday mid- morning! How could it change that quickly??!

It did....

About 4:30pm yesterday, these REALLY dark clouds started rolling it, it started to rain and then quickly, it turned to snow. It was windy and just really quite surreal. We have some crazy weather in this state!

So, we spent the evening finger painting.... AJ LOVED it! We haven't done it in a long time as it's VERY messy....

While we were painting, the snow was coming down..FAST! And the lights were flickering. I have to admit, it was a little scary to me! AJ thought it was funny :)

This morning, AJ woke up at 5:30am (UGH!!!) and we had probably a foot of snow outside. There was ice stuck to the sides of the houses. It's crazy to think that just yesterday we were playing on the deck and now I had to shovel a path just so Buster could go out to potty!

We spent the morning playing, reading, drawing, playing play doh, watching the neighbors use the snow blowers and waiting for the electricity to come back on. Yep, we lost it for a few hours starting at about 6:30am. It was still dark outside! AJ didn't understand why he couldn't watch Winnie The Pooh- he kept asking for him :) And he'd point at the lights and ask (in his own words) what the heck just happened!

It was a long morning- especially since it started out so early- but we had a lot of fun together. We had to get creative. At one point, we took a bath together and AJ thought it was the funniest thing to pour a cup of water over my head...again and again and again :)

Now, the power is back and the snow is melting. I love Colorado!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Like Mother, Like Son

Flip flops in March...with jeans :)