Friday, August 8, 2008

Has it really been 6 weeks??

I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. It does not feel like Anderson has been with us for SIX weeks already! On the other hand, I barely remember my "pre-baby" life. Perhaps when I start getting consistant sleep it will come back to me.

Anderson has changed tremendously since we first brought him home. He can really pay attention and focus on things, he recognizes our voices, smiles more and is incredibly strong! He can hold his head up so well and there are days when I swear he's going to stand up on his own!

He is getting really chubby with rolls on his legs and arms, he's losing some of his hair on the top of his head (receding hairline already!), and has outgrown all of his newborn clothes- moving on to 0-3 months (which are already fitting without much more growing room). Best of all, he made it thru Macy's yesterday without crying for the FIRST TIME! (kidding of course)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trying Something New...

There are a ton of baby books out there that try to teach you the "right way" to raise a newborn- when to feed them, if you should or shouldn't coddle or rock them, and how to get them to sleep through the night. I have yet to read any of them all the way through at this point, however I feel it's necessary to get us on some type of schedule or routine, rather than let Anderson keep me on this roller coaster of a routine that we've been on for some time now. Starting tomorrow we're going to follow The Baby Whisperer. I have spoken to many moms about this and they promise me that if I give it a few (rough) days, then it will work and we'll all be happier.

The idea behind this book is that babies, like adults, need and thrive on routine. They like to know what is coming next in their lives. I have only read about 5 pages so far but it makes sense to me. Even as adults, we all know when we're going to eat breakfast, shower or go to work; and when our hot water heater is out, or there is a big accident on the freeway and we're late for work it screws up our day. It is the same for babies. So, this book is all about setting up routines. It's not watching the clock and it allows for some change, but it's pretty consistent for the most part.

Again, I haven't read it all yet, but I plan to quickly! At this point, Anderson is still wanting to eat every 2 hours or sooner. And while I have figured out what his tired cry sounds like, any other cry to me says "I'm hungry!" when it could mean he's bored or irritated or overstimulated. Well, that's ok during the day, but it's getting harder and harder at night. I'm just not getting enough sleep and it's making me (and Jason) crazy. This books teaches you to feed every 3 hours and what to do in between those hours. They call it EASY- Eat, Activity, Sleep, You. So, he will eat, then play (meaning bath or some kind of stimulation) then sleep while I do something for me (like vacuum:) Right now, he kind of eats and then sleeps and then eats and then is awake for a bit and I try to fit me in there somewhere. We're really inconsistent and if he cries I typically just feed him. I know it's not right, but when you're running on 4-5 hours of sporadic sleep you do what you gotta do!

The next few days are probably going to be rough- a lot of crying (probably from both the baby and I) but from what I've been told from friends, I'm doing myself and Anderson a BIG favor in the near future.

Wish us luck!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The good news and the good news

Well, today has been a great day so far and it's only 1pm!

The Good News

I have officially lost 5 pounds on Weight Watchers- more that I expected especially having company all week last week. I found out that my dad & I are serious snackers- we just like to be munching on things at all times (Wheat Thins and pretzels were our snacks of choice last week). Even with all the snacking, I lost weight which was thrilling! Slowly but surely my clothes are fitting- ya!

More Good News

This morning I took Andy over to a friends house for 2 hours so I could go to the Rec Center to work out with Holly. She's in SUCH great shape and inspires me to work out harder so I can get to her level. We both hopped on the treadmill for 40 minutes. I was able to run for about 25 minutes (intermittently) and walked the rest which felt fantastic! I was extremely proud of myself for doing that. I know I'll be very sore tomorrow, but it's worth it!

Even More Good News!

Cindy (who watched Andy while I was working out) said that he took a bottle with NO problem! YA!! We haven't been working too hard on that, so it was great to know he did so well.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dang it! I spoke too soon!

I think I may have jinxed myself- I said we had a routine and I knew it would change, but the next day?? Really? That soon? Last night was...well..ROUGH. We were up every 90 minutes... Honestly, I can't really even remember why (I've seriously lost my mind) but I think Andy just kept waking up. I am TRYING to keep him to eating at least every 2 hours (or longer), but when you're tired, you feed so you can get back to sleep. I think the problem may have been that I kept feeding him quickly and so he wasn't full so he would keep waking up sooner than I'd hoped. Oh well, tonight is another night. And I just keep reminding myself at 2am or 3 that at least I can nap tomorrow if I need to (which I never do).

Andy has really been smiling A LOT more in the last 2-3 days. It's SO darn cute to see. Today I was kissing him and he'd smile, or I'd talk silly to him and he'd get this HUGE grin! I LOVE IT! Every mom says that it's the best thing because it makes all the hard work and lack of sleep worth it and it's very true! He can't still smile on demand, but he's getting there. Jason just loves to see him smile too. He's always walking over talking to Andy saying how much he loves him and telling me how cute and good he is. He's just such a proud and wonderful dad.

Pop and Grammy Cory left today. It was hard to see them go and I know it was hard for them to leave. I really never realized how hard it would be to live so far away from family. It's always been tough but not that bad before babies were involved. The good news is Andy and I will be in California in September so we'll see them, along with all the rest of our family too. I'm really looking forward to that.

Lastly, a funny thing happened this evening. I have been feeling so bad for the dogs as they get very little attention. So, Jason and I took them for a walk and had Andy in his Baby Bjorn. Well, we ran into some neighbors and stopped to talk for a while. Well, while we're standing there, I feel this very warm sensation on my shirt...ya, he PEED on me! I looked down and there was pee on the concrete! We all got a good laugh and then I realized I don't change this babies diaper enough! Poor kid! :)

Thanks Grammy Cory!

My Grammy Cory made me a new hat. I know it looks like I don't appreciate it, but really I do! It was just the beginning of a rough night.


Sunday, August 3, 2008


First I want to start out by saying that I know this will change- for better and worse- but I am happy to report that we have somewhat of a routine in our lives now. It's really nice because it allows me to get a few things done and also get some sleep.

Andy (yes, that what I think I'm going to call him) wakes up somewhere between 4am to feed and he usually goes back to sleep right away. Sometimes he falls asleep but is too active for me to put him back in his bed so we go downstairs where he sleeps in his rain forest bouncy while I snooze on the couch for a few more hours. Around 6:30 or so we're up and eating again. After he eats, he allows me a few minutes to brush my teeth, feed the dogs, and quickly chow down on Cheerios and orange juice. Then it's play time! He's awake for an hour or longer and we sit on the couch and talk- I'm teaching him his numbers and ABC's and we read books. It's fun because he's awake and happy and just takes it all in (well, you know what I mean).

From there it's hours of eating, sleeping, changing diapers and crying- he's not terrible at the crying, but it's certainly part of our day. It typically means he's hungry and only gets really bad if I have to make him wait. We're sticking to the 2 hour time block which he's been really good with. In fact, there have been times when he'll go 3 (if he's sleeping tho).

Our evenings have been rough. Around 5pm I start to cringe because he's still getting upset for unknown reasons at that time. There have been nights of 2+ hours of straight crying followed by 45 minute car rides (thank you Jason!) and other nights that we just have to wear the Baby Bjorn (BEST INVENTION EVER!) around the house to settle him. Each night is different, but somehow the same.

Typically Jason and I tag team eating dinner- Andy is not a fan of us eating together. We're ok with that at this point, but hope it doesn't last too long.

Then around 9pm or 10, I go to bed and Jason will hang with Andy for another hour or so while I try to get a head start on sleep. He'll bring Andy to bed, place him on the boppy on the bed and he usually will sleep a few hours before it's time to eat. Lately he's been sleeping until about 1 or 2am, wake up to eat and then go straight to sleep again. I'm only up for maybe 20 minutes depending on how hungry he is. Then he's up again around 3 or 4am and we do it all again.