Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update on Potty Training....Day 4

He is doing AWESOME!!! I couldn't be more proud of my guy! He only had one accident this morning at Jamies- and since then he's been perfect! In fact, for the first time tonight he yelled to me, "Mom! I need to go potty!" Since we started working on this, it's always been me nagging him, asking if he needs to go. THIS is progress!

AJ Funnies

AJ is talking NON STOP now. Seriously. Non stop. And most of the time, he's pretty darn funny!

Here's a few things from the past week:

* We're driving to the store and he's in the back seat, and he says to me, "Oh no...what's gonna happen here...." haha! I have no clue where that came from. Or what he was talking about!

* His new thing is talking about "last time". He obviously has no idea what that means because he'll tell me things that are going to happen in the future, but tells me they were "last time".

* The other morning AJ was waking up in my bed next to me and the FIRST thing he said to me when he rolled over and looked at me was "I'm a baby bear...roar (in a cute baby voice)" haha! I replied, "Good morning baby bear. ROAR!" love him.

Potty Training Take 2 (or is it 3???)

There's no stopping it now. We're full force ahead with potty training. It WILL be done!

Randomly, AJ decided to start potty training on his own last Saturday night. We were hanging out at my moms, making dinner and all the sudden he told me he had to go potty. So, we RAN to the bathroom and he did it! I put Cheerios in the toilet, took his diaper off and he stood on a stool in front of the toilet. I said, "Ready! Aim! FIRE!" and he did! haha. That night he did a few other great pottys. Each time he goes, he gets a jelly bean (yes, even at 6:30am or 8:30pm). I'm not thrilled with him having that much candy, but it's working.

Sunday didn't go quite as well. That morning he went through 4 outfits before 9am. He started thinking (and telling me) that he didn't want to go on the big boy potty. He goes back and forth between not wanting to go, and having to go all the time. It's hard to be patient when he tells me 4 times in 15 minutes that he has to go, only to get him in there and have him tell me "I can't". I heard he had a few accidents at Jason's later that day.

On Monday, his schedule was a little off because my mom was out of town and couldn't watch him. So, he went to our great friend Ki's house and God love her- she worked with him (while also having to watch her 3 year old and 9 month old boys). He was very emotional that day she said. I don't blame him though. He probably had to pee so bad and just was nervous about it and couldn't do it. She said after he finally did pee in the potty, he was a much happier boy. His mind was at ease, I'm sure. Monday night he did really well- only one accident. Then, this morning he had 3 GREAT pees in the toilet. We're on a roll!

It's bitter sweet to see him growing up and becoming a big boy. I love him SOOOOO much!