Tuesday, December 24, 2013

AJ's First Limo Ride!

Our family was so fortunate to be invited to go in a LIMO with friends to dinner and see Christmas lights! AJ has never been in one before (Why would he? He's 5!), and was so excited! He knew what a limo was, but never seen the inside or anything.

Our friends, The Farrells invited us and another family, The Merrills to ride together to dinner and then drive around town and look at lights. It was pretty neat to see AJ's face when the limo arrived at our house to pick us up!

The kids had such a fun time, laughing, singing and chatting away in the limo. Juliana was so sweet and made each kid their own plastic cup with their names on it and brought them hot chocolate. She also made cute wine glasses for the gals. It was so fun!

Here's some pics:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Visit From Grandma!

A few weeks ago we had a really fun visit from Grandma! I have to say, I was very happy to see her and spend time with her, but I was also very excited to get some adult time while she got to spend quality time with AJ!

For Jason's birthday (in October), I got him a night away in Denver. We had to plan it for December when my mom was in town, so she could watch AJ. It worked out perfectly!

Mom flew in on Thursday night, and on Friday AJ was off school so they got to hang all day. Then, Saturday we hung around during the day and that afternoon Jason and I took off for a whirlwind 30 hour date! We checked in at the Grand Hyatt in Denver. Had a few drinks and then met up with some friends from Jason's work. It was the COLDEST weekend we've had so far this year- in the negatives for some of it- so we bundled up and went to the Parade of Lights. Then, we all went to this amazing restaurant in Denver called Ocean Prime. Oh. My. Goodness. The food was amazing! Our dinner reservation wasnt' until 8:15 so it was a late night, but amazing! Lot's of laughs and good conversation. The next day we woke up (at 9am!!!) and ordered room service, then got ready for the Bronco's game. We met up with some other friends at the stadium and had lunch and some more cocktails (we had to get our bodies warm!). The game was SO fun and we won!

After the game, around 6pm, we got home and found out that AJ and mom had a wonderful time together too. They made a gingerbread house, went to see Frozen and AJ "taught" my mom how to play Ipad for hours... ha! I am so thankful that my mom was here to hang with AJ and that she allowed us to have this wonderful adult time together. It was SO fun!

Here are some pics:

All bundled up!

Parade of Lights!

The view from our room... DARN COLD!

Go Broncos!

Grandma and AJ!