Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Updated Likes & Dislikes

Now that AJ is 10 months old (in a few days..) I thought I'd update his likes and dislikes.

AJ likes:

* To get into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! He will go thru our cupboards and pull everything out. You should see our kitchen at about 9am each morning- it's a disaster!

* To pull himself up on everything. Drawers, the couch, the dog, stairs, his toys, my leg, our coffee table

* To talk. He talks LOUDLY...and a lot! We were in the car the other day and he and I were "talking" to each other the entire time. I'd say "Say Mama!" and I'd hear "Dadada". It was so cute! This went on for 30 minutes!

* To put everything in his mouth...still. I can't wait for this to end because it's pretty disgusting. I try to make sure things are clean, but there comes a point when it's nearly impossible.

* To play with other kiddos. It's so fun to see him interact with other kids as he gets older. The other day we went to breakfast with my friend Ki and her son Dax and they sat across from each other and just talked. It was adorable!

* To mimic. I put my hands in the air, he puts his hands up. I clap, he claps. I smile, he smiles. I scrunch my nose, he does too. Pretty much anything we do, he'll mimic.

* To watch cartoons. We watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (I will admit, I actually like it!) or The Backyardigans and he gets very excited! In fact, yesterday we went to Babies R Us and he saw something with Mickey Mouse on it and got all excited! He can't sit thru an entire 30 minute show, but he will watch it for about 10-15 minutes.

* To use the dog door. UGH! I can't keep him out of it! One of these days he's going to fall thru and we're going to find him on our deck!

* To swing. We've been taking advantage of the great weather and going to the park and he LOVES the swing! He giggles the whole time.

* To eat pretty much anything we're eating. He's been eating pasta, chicken pieces, strawberries, edemame and so much more.

* To put his hands on his highchair and "sweep" all the food onto the floor. It's a fun game for him and incredibly messy for me.

* To play the game where he drops something and I pick it up. Drop, laugh, mommy picks it up, Drop, laugh, mommy picks it up. It's a tiring game. I do it about 3 times and then I put an end to it.

There is so much more he likes, but I can't think of everything at the moment.

AJ Dislikes:

* Diaper changes- man, he fights it the whole time. It's like we're hurting him or something.

* Changing clothes- same as above. I think the problem is that we're taking away from his play time- Geez! You'd think he'd like to be clean!

Yep, that's about it! He's REALLY a happy boy! He likes pretty much everything :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seven Teeth!

Yes, thats right- I just checked and AJ now has SEVEN teeth! He's got 4 on top and I saw a 3rd one pop thru on the bottom. I'm amazed that he's got so many teeth and he's not even 10 months old.

The neat thing about so many teeth is that AJ can eat so many different things. Pretty much anything I eat, I will give him a few bites of. I'm so happy that he likes so many different types of food.

The problem with him having so many teeth is....HE BITES....ME! Let me just say, OUCH! I'm still nursing, but I think that may come to an end pretty quickly because anytime I feed him now, he eventually bites me and it is extremely painful. I tell him no, but I don't think he knows what that means yet as he just looks at me and grins. While nursing used to be a wonderful bonding time with AJ, it has now become a time I somewhat dread because it's just so painful.