Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lewicki... Anderson Lewicki

I was pretty impressed with his penmanship! Especially since he is just now learning how to spell his "real" name!

Kindergarten Photo!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Breckenridge Summer Fun!

This weekend we all headed up to the mountains to enjoy the Breckenridge Summer Fun Park. You may remember that AJ and I did this last year and had a blast!

This year we were so happy to have Jason join us :)

We went up Friday night and met up with a friend/customer of Jason's and his family. The kids have hung out together a few times and were excited to see each other. We met them for dinner and ice cream.
Lucy, AJ and Max after dinner being silly

After a swim in the river (with their clothes on), we found this SUPER nice cello player on the sidewalk. He was so kind to the kids. Gave them each a mini lesson and let them play his cello.

AJ had this great idea to get James some ice cream. He appreciated it so much and remembered AJ when we saw him the next evening.

On Saturday we all woke up exhausted. I mean, just super tired. We went to bed late on Friday night, but thats not too out of the norm. We all were dragging all day, but still had a great day.

We went to Starbucks for breakfast and then headed up the gondola to the Summer Fun Park. Just like last year, there are so many fun things to do!

On the gondola~

AJ and Daddy on the Alpine Slide. They both loved it!

We also did some minature golf. I think this was AJ's first time. It was super cute!

Of course we did the rollercoaster. SUPER FUN! AJ and I love that thing! We go as fast as we can- NO BRAKES!

It was a wonderful, quick weekend away!

On Saturday night, after naps for all of us, we went for pizza at Downstairs at Erics- our favorite hang out. Then Sunday we got up, went for breakfast and then walked around town. We got AJ new ski gear for the upcoming season. He is super excited and we're talking about a ski weekend in Breck this Spring.