Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend In Breckenridge!

We're spending some family time in Breckenridge this weekend and we're having A LOT of fun! We came up yesterday with our friends Domenic and Heather and their kids, Ashlyn, Kellyn and new baby boy Braylon. (Yes, they are BRAVE bringing a 5 year old, 2 year old and 5 WEEK old!) They were only able to stay one night, so it worked out that we got some great friend time, and then a day of family time.

Last night, after we got settled, we took the kids to the jacuzzi (we told them it was the pool) to play for a bit and just hung around the condo. It was WONDERFUL having all the kids here because AJ had a great time playing. Then today, we took them to the actual pool this morning after breakfast and had more play time. Then after Dom and Heather and family left we decided to hit Main Street for some shopping and let AJ play around the little park and stream. He LOVED IT! We let him out of the stroller and he was running around, climbing on rocks, walking across the bridge and talking to all the people with dogs that walked by.

It's been a really fun weekend. I'll get more pictures posted tomorrow :)

The view from our deck...does it get ANY better than this??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I just had a put a post on here to let you all know that Jason found out today that he is NUMBER ONE in the company! What that means is that of the 200 or so people at Dell that do his job, he's the top guy! I'm soooo proud of him. He's been working really hard and is finally seeing the results.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Child...The Terror!

Today, at a play date, AJ PUSHED another kid down the stairs! And I watched it..... It was like something in a movie- I was watching it, but it happened so fast, I couldn't do anything to stop it! It was horrible! Thankfully, Cameron- the other little boy- was fine and tumbled rather than fell down about 7 carpeted steps, but I felt SOOOO BAD! I know that AJ didn't mean to and didn't do it intentionally, but ugh..... I felt like such a bad mom!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

16 Months is FUN!

Ok, that was somewhat sarcastic.... Having a 16 month old boy can be exhausting! Sure, it's a lot of fun, but at times my patience wears very thin..... Here's what is going on:

* Just today, AJ learned how to climb on the kitchen chairs. Guess what that means? The kitchen table has now turned into a jungle gym! I see broken bones in our future...

* He can say SO many words- just not "please" or "more". He says turtle, tractor, truck, apple, cat, Pop (sounds like Dop), and SOOO many other words, but ask him to say "please" and he points and says, "EEHHH". If he's in a bad mood it's more like a whining, crying "EEEEEEEEEEHHHHH" (with a finger pointed at what he wants)

* He is getting REALLY smart! Everyday I am impressed by him! AJ has a ton of bath toys- many of them are animals. Today I asked, "Where is the duck?" and he found the duck right away! This may seem like not a big deal, but DUCK isn't something we've really been working on. We've been working on horse, cow, dog, cat, bunny, giraffe, fish and other things. Oh, speaking of fish, he put together that a dolphin swims too! Again, I know this seems silly, but I have shown him that a fish swims; not that a dolphin swims. Somehow he got it! You should hear me when he GETS something like this- I freak out! I am so proud :)

* Today...he pooped in the bath for the first time....Enough said

* His new thing is pointing and saying "EEHHH" to the refrigerator. I have NO IDEA what he actually wants, so I open it and he stands IN the fridge and rummages through looking for things.

* This daylight savings thing is for the birds! UGH! Ok, so I'm happy that the sun comes up earlier, but this child has been waking up at FOUR IN THE MORNING for the past few days. UNACCEPTABLE I tell ya!

* AJ walks around ALL day EVERY day saying "Mom....Mom...Mama...Mom..Mom...Mama..." It's the cutest and sweetest thing. It warms my heart. I respond with, "Yes?, Yes honey bear?, AJ? Yes?" The response I get is "Mom...Mom....Mama...Mom?" I love him.

* He calls himself "A..A" It's the cutest thing. I'm trying to get it on video. This always makes me think that at SOME point, he's going to have to learn that his name is Anderson.

* It's 9:20pm....I must go to sleep as I'm sure I'll be up BEFORE the crack of dawn. More blogging tomorrow I'm sure :)