Saturday, January 9, 2010

Terrible Twos??

What is it they say about payback??? :) :)

Oh boy, I thought AJ had an attitude before- I had no idea! This child is wonderful, fun, a delight to be around, sweet, loving, kind and so much fun...99% of the time! THEN, there's that 1% of time when he's just a terror! I can feel that he's on his way to the Terrible Twos! Here's just a few things that he does:

* When he wakes up in the morning, he'll go straight to the remote control and bring it to me while whining to me "Choo Choo...Choo Choo...CHOOO CHOOO!!!" I haven't had my coffee yet and I'm getting yelled at by an 18 month old child who insists on watching Thomas The Train. (By the way, I hate that show. Probably because I'm forced to watch it OVER AND OVER again)

* All throughout the day, when we're home, he wants Thomas The Train on. I am working on limiting this, and when I tell him no, he FLIPS OUT! Especially later in the afternoon. The other day, I had to put him in time out 3 times because he was literally YELLING at me. He got so upset he sat there screaming and crying for about 10 minutes. He still doesn't know what time out is, but I make him sit in the corner and he stays there usually. Problem is, once he gets out of time out, he's back to whatever he was doing that got him there. It takes time, I know.

* Why do boys have to hit so much?? AJ seems to hit everyone- me, Jason, his friends. Sometimes I think it's because he gets really excited so he just doesn't know what to do with his hands. I don't think he's intentionally hurting people.

* He's learned to go LIMP when he doesn't get his way and I try to pick him up. Sigh.....

On another, more positive note, here's a few things that are super sweet about AJ:

* He has started sleeping with stuffed animals. He's sleeping with this adorable little stuffed Christmas dog. I named him Rudy :) AJ likes to wake up in the morning and cover up Rudy with his blankie before we go downstairs. It's so sweet.

* When I ask AJ, "Can I see your lips?" he puckers up and lets me give him a nice smooch on the lips :) Melts my heart....

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Lil Mechanic

Here's a little video of AJ playing mechanic. I wasn't so sure if this video was blogworthy or not, but it's pretty cute :) He really enjoys "fixing" things!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bath Time!

Mommy decided to have some fun with AJ in the bath this morning :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Many Words!

AJ is a talking fool these days! Here's some of the new things he says:

Please- I LOVE this word! And when he says it, it's soooo cute! And he knows when to say it too.
Ball- very clearly
Love- sounds more like wove. It's wonderful! I will say "I" and he says "I". Then I'll say "Love" and he says "wove" and I say "YOU!" and he just laughs and wraps his arms around my neck :)
Juice- also clearly
A, B- I have been singing the ABC's to AJ since he was born- like all mothers, I'm sure. Lately, when I sing it, I'll ask him to sing with me. He will sing "A, B" and then some kind of jibberish. :)

Many of the words he's been saying now for a while are just getting more and more clear when he says them. Mommy, Daddy, Tractor, Water...there are more, but I'm burnt out and can't think right now :) BYEEEEE! (this is AJ's version of Bye)

More Teeth!

Today, I was putting AJ in the car to go somewhere and he was smiling and I happen to notice something in his mouth.... MORE TEETH! I noticed, at first, his right molar had started to poke thru. I had expected his first molars to arrive would be in the back (I have no clue why I thought this, I just did) but these were right up near the front. So, I started poking around his mouth and came to discover ALL FOUR of them were working their way in. Well, no wonder he's had his hands in his mouth for a while now!

I'm sure this will come back to haunt me, but I guess I thought teething would be worse for him- that he'd be up crying all night long and I'd be loading him up on Tylenol. I had no idea they were even coming in! It does make sense though, that all he will eat is noodles.

Little Conductor :)