Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Video From the Past Week

Here are some random, cute, video's of AJ from the last week:


Soccer started tonight! He had a great time, but running around for an hour after a full day of school is a lot of work!

Here's another:

My soccer star!

Water break!

The Jaguars!

Annual Camping Trip

This past weekend AJ and I went on our annual family camping trip and we had a GREAT time! He's at the perfect age for this. Plus, he camps all the time with Jason. He's a pro! I, on the other hand, was freaking out about all the possibilities. Bears, bad weather, losing AJ, etc.... Everything went as planned and we had a blast!

There were 6 families total and that meant tons of kids! We went to Leadville, about 3 hours away and stayed walking distance from Tourquise Lake. It was incredible. The pictures don't do it justice.

All packed and ready to head out of town!

The car was so packed, I joked we'd have to tie AJ to the roof!

AJ's great buddy Riley drove with us for the first half- they laughed and played the entire time.

After lunch, Maddy jumped in. Such great kids!

We finally arrived!

Our campsite!

Setting up!

Tourquise Lake!

All the ladies!

Throwing rocks with the kids- he did this ALL weekend! (Blue Gatorade mustache!)

The Group!

Silly Faces!

The first morning sitting by the fire warming up- it was in the 40's at night!

Sunday, after we packed up, we headed into town for the annual Boom Day's festival- So fun!

He was pretty thrilled to get a bow and arrow :)

We sure had fun!

Here is a video of him with his bow and arrow:

AJ's 4 Year Check Up

Last week AJ had his 4 year check up and I’m super happy to report he is totally healthy and right on track! :) I had warned him that he may get a shot and so he was pretty freaked out on the way to the doctor’s office. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have told him but I didn’t want to just spring it on him last minute. The doctor actually told me he could get the shots now or next year, and I decided to get it done and out of the way. Now, he won’t need any more shots until he is ELEVEN! He’s pretty happy about that.

I did have the doctor check his hearing because the kid doesn’t listen! I was 99% sure it was just him ignoring me all the time, but I wanted to be sure. The nurse had to do the hearing test 6 times because he really wouldn’t cooperate. The nurse kept asking him to raise his hand when he heard the beeps, and he wouldn’t. He wasn’t bad, I think he was just freaked out about the idea of getting shots and couldn’t concentrate. Finally, he said he could hear all the beeps every time- we all laughed 
AJ did pretty well with the shots. He was crying and very scared before, but once they poked him, he was fine. Anticipation is always worse! He got 2 shots in one arm, and 1 in the other. Once they were done, he was great. His arms were sore for a few days, but he’s all better. Poor guy!

Here’s his stats:

38.2lbs 75th percentile

39” tall 25th percentile

Here's a picture of his war wounds :)