Sunday, June 17, 2012

Surprise California Trip!

Last weekend, AJ and I made a surprise visit to California for my moms 60th birthday. Kristin and Matt threw her an surprise party with tons of her friends and neighbors. I hadn't seen most of them since my AJ was about 1.

We flew in Thursday night. Spent the day Friday helping Kristin with the party decorations and food and AJ was lucky enough to spend the entire day at their pool (spa). He was in heaven!

Saturday, my mom was out shopping all day with her friend and Kristin and I cleaned their house and decorated while Papa and AJ hung out together and went to the park. I know both AJ and Papa were happy to have some quality time together.

That night, my mom came home from shopping to 40 or so people yelling SURPRISE! She was in total shock. And she didn't realize AJ and I were there till about 30 second later. It was awesome!

The party was a hit- AJ was totally on. He did art with our neighbor Suzanne, helped people with their drinks, and helped fill up their candy bags (think, "One for you, two for me")

Sunday, Grandma, Papa and I AJ and I went to the park again- it was neat because it's the park that I grew up going to. We played there for 2 hours and AJ learned to do the Monkey Bars all by himself! I was impressed! Then later we went back to Matt and Kristins pool and hung out and had lunch.

It was truly a wonderful, fun and relaxing trip!

It's EARLY Friday morning and he is ready to go!

Look out below!


They were both SO happy to see each other!

AJ loves his Papa!

The dessert table - SO PRETTY!

The candy bar- AJ couldn't get enough

AJ and Mama!

We got to see Aunt Joan

At the end of the party, Matt & AJ were playing with phones. Laughing and giggling and having the best time being boys!

Pool time again!

Helping Matt BBQ

His bravery is so impressive!

Matt & AJ skateboarding

Here he is being super silly in the pool!