Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today, AJ and I were talking and I don't even remember what we were talking about, but he was answering a question and started it with.... "Ashley, mommy..." which meant, "Actually, mommy". Who is this kid? Isn't he two?? He's hilarious and sometimes seems like he's actually older!

This week, he's also been "wondering" a lot.... Here's an example:

We're driving around town running errands and when I ask him a question he'll say "Hum... (rubbing his chin with his hand) somethings missing....I wonder...." The other day Jamie told me he did it with her. He said, "Hum...somethings missing... I wonder.... Where's Sophie?" (Sophie, Jamie's daughter was at school) He's always thinking and I love that he always uses words in the right context!

Oh- and lastly....his new favorite word is stupid. UGH! I am NOT happy about this, but he obviously hears it. He's been saying it for a while and in the beginning I pretended that he was saying "super" so when he said "stupid", I would say "you mean, super?" Well, now he knows.... So, last night when I was giving him a bath he said, "Mom, I say stupid?" and I said, "No, little boys don't say stupid. That's not a nice word". After discussing this for a while he finally said (about 5 times), "Mom, I don't say stupid anymore".... Ugh! What am I supposed to say to that???