Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lollipop Park!

Today, AJ went to his first school birthday party and it was SUCH a great experience for both of us. I didn't get the invitation until late last week, but I asked AJ if he wanted go and he said yes. It was for this little girl named Adyson- I'd never seen her or heard of her before. I asked AJ how old she was and he didn't know. We went in pretty blind today :)

The party was at this place called Lollipop Park. Surprisingly, I've never heard of it. It's a really neat place- it's in this HUGE building and part of it's used for birthday parties (where we were) and there's also an ice skating rink, restaurant and arcade. I'd looked it up online and showed AJ pictures, but their website isn't that great so I wasn't sure what to expect.

All the kids at the party got wrist bands that allowed them to do about 6 different rides- as many times as they wanted. There was a carousel, a huge swing, a train, tea cups, a Ferris wheel and this thing called a "whip it". It's a ride that basically gives the kids whip lash a bunch of times and believe me, it was a hit. AJ rode on it about 6 times.

I had been told months ago that in preschool, most times, all of the kids are invited to birthday parties so that no one feels left out. So, I assumed many Castle Academy kids and parents would be there. Turns out about 20 kids and families were there. It was SO wonderful to finally put a few faces with names and to meet some of AJ's friends parents. Typically I only see a parent or two at drop off or pick up and we're all excited to see our own kids and get to work or get home. Other than saying hi, we don't really chat. Well, today was totally different. Once we got there, AJ met up with his buddy Alec, who I have heard of, but don't recall meeting. Alec is TALL and he's almost a year older than AJ. They are total buddies. They spent 90% of the party together going on different rides while I chatted with Alec's mom. A few teachers were there too- one I knew pretty well and one I only met a few times. It was so fun getting to know them a bit more.

The best part of the day for me was watching AJ with his buddies. Of course, I see him with other friends- Daxie and Skylar, Riley and Maddy, Sam and Joe, but this was different. These were his school buddies. He acted different- much more mature. No whining, no complaining, no fighting. He was confident and loved giggling and hanging out with his friends. I imagined that's how he was most days at school. I'm always proud of my boy, but today I felt myself beaming just watching him :)

Here are a few pics:

On the Tea Cups with Alec

The swings!

The Whip It - Poor Alec hit his head- but it didn't bother him.

The Ferris Wheel- one of his favorites. He liked to get to the top and stick his tongue out at me.. little stinker!