Friday, December 4, 2015

He Calls Me "Mama"

Jason and AJ are in Oregon on a boys trip visiting Jason's family- more on that in another post. Last night, AJ and I were texting before he went to bed (after we talked on the phone for a while)... This text makes my heart just explode with love and happiness. I've probably read it 100 times so far. I love him so very much.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Fall 2015 Update

As usual, we’ve had a very busy, but fun Fall. We already had our first snow day, which was exciting!  AJ was studying the Oregon Trail in class and we’ve really been focusing a lot of our time on math too.  His teacher told me he needed to work more on subtraction so that is what we’re doing flash cards almost daily- and its working! I am so proud of him J

For Thanksgiving this year, we had a HUGE dinner with friends and family. Jason cooked 2 turkeys and we also had Honey Baked Ham (Yum!) We had a total of 20 people including my mom. I was happy she decided to fly out and join us.

Since my mom was here, we took advantage of her spending time with AJ and Jason and I went to the Bronco /Patriots game. It was WONDERFUL to spend time just the two of us; talking, laughing and cheering for the Broncos. (They WON!)

Here are some pictures:

Snow Angels!

Such a beautiful snow day

That's a lot of snow!

Pioneer Day!

His "Family"- the Smiths
AJ teaching Grandma Pokemon

Frying the turkey 
The "kids" table

AJ with his best buddy, Riley

Joy and I
Sledding- it was COLD!

AJ and Grandma

At the Bronco Game!

It snowed the ENTIRE game- BURRR