Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist!

I've been thinking that AJ needed to go see the dentist for a while now- Typically kids go when they turn 3 from what I've been told.

To be honest, I was dreading it. I really didn't think AJ would do well. I had very low expectations. He hates to brush his teeth with me and I figured having some stranger try to put her hands in his mouth with this scary tools and sounds would freak him out.

I have been prepping him for this for a month or so; telling him the dentist shines our teeth and has really cool tools that he can play with. I think what won him over was telling him he could pick from many great flavors of toothpaste (cherry, chocolate, cookie dough and his favorite bubble gum).

I spoke to the dentist a few months back when I made his appointment about how it would all go and my reservations and she assured me he'd do better than I expected. She said 95% of the kids do great and make it all the way thru the exam. She's not a pediatric dentist, but said they are very good with kids and let them use all the instruments. They make it very kid friendly.

So, today we went and he did AMAZINGLY well! I was/am SO very proud! We got there and first, the front desk gal put on a movie for him. Then, when it was our turn to go back, the hygienist was so very friendly. She let him pick out his own chap stick, showed him how the chair moves up and down, let him use the "squirt gun" and spray water all over the place and let him pick his flavor of toothpaste. Then, his favorite part was the "Slurpee" that sucked all the water out of his mouth. He was doing it so much and making all these funny noises. He was cracking up!

He let the hygienist clean and floss all of his teeth. He opened his mouth really wide like a crocodile and turned his head the right way when she asked him to. I'm pleased to say his teeth looked great- there is one minor possible cavity in his right molar, but they said they'd keep an eye on it and just to be sure we keep it extra clean. She explained to him (and me) how we should go about brushing his teeth (he does it first and then I spot check) and also gave him some kid friendly floss. We WILL be starting bedtime earlier now and getting his teeth looking good before stories and bed.

Here's a picture;