Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recognizing Letters

AJ is getting REALLY good at recognizing his letters! Last night, he wanted to read a book titled, How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night. He recognized every single letter! I was sooooo impressed! Just a few weeks ago- maybe a month ago- he could only recognize a few letters, so this is huge! I love seeing him learn :)

We're going to work a lot more on reading and spelling. He knows how to spell Hot, Max, Dax so far.

Kinda off topic, but here's a picture of AJ this morning just as he woke up and came into my bed. He know's he is allowed to come in after the sun comes up. It's fun to snuggle and watch TV together for a bit before we have to get ready for the day :)

He has everything he  needs. Milk, kitty and his dragon pillow :) Happy Boy!