Saturday, January 16, 2010

Play Time!

Last night, AJ & I went to Riley's 10th birthday party! It was a blast! At one point, Kellyn and AJ we're playing on a bed and have a ball. Here's a little video:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictures of the Week

Here are a few pictures from our park day today. We had a fun time; AJ walked Buster, played with a ball and played on the playground. Just after this though, he fell and that was the end of our fun time at the park. It was a LONG walk home....

Screwing around!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Such A FUN day!

Yesterday, AJ and I had the best day together! One fun thing after another.

We started out by going to the Rec Center. A few days a week, I meet up with Ki and we workout while AJ and Dax play in the day care. They love it and have made some good friends there. The ladies who watch them are awesome!

Then, today after we worked out, we got the boys in the swim suits and went swimming at the Rec Center pool. Once again, the boys had a great time. AJ loves to play with all the water that sprays up into the air. This pool is awesome! There are slides and buckets that fill up with water and then dump, along with a lot of other things. He's still on the young end of things, so we've got years of enjoyment!

After naptime, I decided to take AJ to a different Little Monkey Bizness. I found out that on Tuesday nights, from 5-8pm, we can get in for $5 (typically $7.50) and he can play as long as he wants. To top it off, they have pizza slices for a buck! We met up with 3 of my friends and their kids and just had a blast! This Monkey Biz has a HUGE blow up slide (similar to the one below) that AJ and I went on about 5 times! What a work out! He LOVED it though. I wish we could have gotten pictures! Next time:)

Watch? Watch?

I love that AJ is really getting into learning things. His new thing is saying "Watch! Watch!" when I'm doing something. When I'm cooking, writing something down, or pretty much anything, he'll say "Watch!". He's so curious and just wants to see whats going on.

He's also starting to enjoy drawing- he sees me write (I'm frequently updating my to do list) and he wants to do it. So, I've started letting him take my pen and write on this big piece of paper that's on the kitchen floor. Plus, he still draws a lot in the bath with his bath crayons.