Saturday, November 6, 2010

Video! Finally!

I had some computer problems these past few weeks and wasn't able to upload any videos. It's finally fixed, so here you go:

This is of AJ jumping THREE steps off the stairs... He's a daredevil!

Here video of AJ doing playdough. Smart boy!

Train Ride to Denver!

I enjoyed an AJ and Mommy afternoon with a train ride to Denver! AJ's been on a lot of trains, but never a train that really goes anywhere. He's been on the train at the Zoo and the Thomas Train, but those all just go in circles. This time, we took the train about 45 minutes all the way to downtown Denver. There were about 15 stops on the way which were all entertaining- AJ enjoyed watching people get on and off, he LOVED not being in a car seat and really liked doing something new.

When we got to Denver, we got off at Union Station and walked over to this great park. People were playing catch, walking dogs, riding bikes and just enjoying this BEAUTIFUL 75 degree weather (in NOVEMBER!) We played, got some lunch and a few hours later, hoped back on the train to go home. The highlight was the actual ride, and I just LOVED having some AJ time:)

On our way!

Checking out the train tracks

This is FUN Mom!

Union Station- there are A TON of tractors

I'm not sure about this picture. He looks cute, but almost freaky...
Such a beautiful fall day!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

Why not throw AJ some more change, right? This week, we started AJ in his big boy bed. For the past few months, AJ has learned that he likes to sleep with Mommy or Daddy- a VERY bad habit. Not only does he need to learn to sleep alone but I don’t sleep well with him kicking me in the back and pulling my hair at 2am and it also doesn’t allow me any time to get things done because I have to go to bed the same time he does! So, we decided that once the move was done, Jason and I would transition AJ back to his own bed- in a big boy bed. From what Jason said, the first night he did great! He went to bed around 8:15pm and was up around 7am. He didn’t get up once.  The second night, he was with me and he did well, but not quite as well. He woke up at 2:30 and cried for a bit, but then went back to sleep. Lately, AJ’s been talking a lot about the dark and how he’s afraid of the dark. He talks about it in the car when we’re driving at night and he talked about it when I put him to bed the other night. I don’t know where this all came from, but I guess it’s natural. We think that the shadows on the walls are scaring him, which keeps him up at night. Last night, he was with Jason and he woke up at 3:30am crying and shaking saying how scared he was. It makes me so sad to hear that he’s afraid- and to not know how to help him. We are going to try a few different things like keeping more lights on or changing the lights in order to create fewer shadows on the wall. We’re only 3 nights in, so I’m sure it’ll get easier. 

I heard from my mom that today at nap time, he requested to nap in his big boy bed... PROGRESS!!!

MORE Change

AJ has become very good at handling change. Well, he doesn’t really have a choice, but I suppose he could act unhappy, hit, be cranky or seem different but he hasn’t. In fact, Jason and I believe that so far, we have raised a polite, smart, happy, fun loving, all around good boy. I am so thankful that Jason and I get along as well as we do because this makes everything easier for him and I, but especially for AJ. He’s our NUMBER 1 priority.

This past weekend, I moved back in with my Mom and Dave and Jason moved out of his condo and back into the house. It was an emotional weekend for me- I loved that house. We had many great memories there and I loved my neighborhood. I remember when we bought it; this was going to be my “forever” house.  Also, being 34 and a mother, it was/is tough for me to go back to living with Mom. It’s certainly an adjustment, but I am so thankful to have a place to go to get back up on my feet again. I really don’t know what I would do if my mom and Dave wouldn’t have offered this.

What this means for AJ is that “Mommy’s house” is now “Daddy’s house” and Mommy now lives with Mamna and Papa. It’s a hard concept for him to grasp. On one hand, it’s great that he still has the same house that he’s always lived in (Daddy's house). On the other hand, I know he’s confused about where Mommy lives and why we are always at Mamna and Papa’s house. He loves it there, but of course isn’t used to living there. The other night, just before bed, he told me he wanted to go to Mommy house… Broke my heart. I keep reminding myself that he is only 2. He doesn’t understand this and he won’t remember it either. I tell myself this is a good thing.

My plan is to get back on my feet quickly and get my own place. Mommy’s house (or condo, or townhouse, or apartment). As much as I appreciate being able to stay with my Mom and Dave, we all know that this is temporary. So, I’m searching very hard for a new job that will allow for AJ and me to move into our own place- even something small for a year or so will be fine by me. I’m not looking for my new “forever” home just yet. Obviously, the economy is crappy and good jobs are hard to come by, but I’m looking. My past experience is mainly in tech sales, but since I got my Marketing degree, I’d like to try and use it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

AJ as Yoda :) :)

And his crazy white trash